Ginkgo biloba trees in South America.
Ginkgo in Buenos Aires (photo Andres Ferrari)
Ginkgo biloba tree in fall  in a 
residential zone of  Buenos Aires, Argentina
photo Andres Ferrari
Argentina (photo Andres Ferrari)
 3 Ginkgos at Villa del Parque Agro Facolty
Buenos Aires, Argentina
photo Andres Ferrari

Chile (photo Eduardo A. Diaz)
Santiago (Chile), Manquehue Avenue
photo  Eduardo Arancibia Diaz
Apoquindo, Santiago, Chile (photo E.A. Diaz)
Santiago (Chile), Avenue Apoquindo/
Hans Christian Andersen
photo  Eduardo Arancibia Diaz

Argentina (photo Romanutti)
Young Ginkgo in Balcarce street, Martinez,
Province of  Buenos Aires, Argentina
photo  Mario Alberto Romanutti
Mendoza (Argentina), Italy Square
Near these trees is a plaque applying to the Ginkgo group 
 with the Spanish version of Goethe's Ginkgo poem on it. 
photo  Eduardo Arancibia Diaz

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Plaza O'Higgins
photo  Ricardo Scholtus
Brazil, São Paulo
photo:  Rogelio R Dosouto

Argentina, Mar del Plata (photo JOSÉ CHUZA LEDESMA)
Argentina, Mar del Plata: Barili Museum
Argentina: Punta Chica
Argentina, Punta Chica , North great Buenos Aires 
photo:  Andres Ferrrari

Chile: San Fernando
Chile: San Fernando, main square
photo: Eduardo Arancibia Diaz
Argentina: San Isidro (photo Andres Ferrari)
 Argentina: San Isidro
photo: Andres Ferrari


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©  Cor Kwant