Ginkgo biloba 'Pendula'


Video: Ginkgo biloba pendula with chichi in Jardin Dominique Alexandre Godron, Rue Sainte-Catherine, Nancy (France).
It is the oldest Ginkgo pendula in France.
Grafts from this remarkable tree have been taken by Jardin Botanique du Montet, 100 rue du Jardin botanique, Villers-lès-Nancy;
10 Ginkgo biloba pendula trees can now be seen in this Jardin botanique.

Pendula (photo Cor Kwant)

Location: Arboretum Trompenburg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Pendula in Prague (photo Cor Kwant)

Location: Botanická Zahrada (Nové Mesto), Prague, Czech Republic

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Photos  ©  Cor Kwant