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Ginkgo fossils: picture gallery

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Ginkgo fossil Perm Kupferschiefer Germany (photo Cor Kwant)Ginkgo fossil Perm Kupferschiefer Germany (photo Cor Kwant)Ginkgo fossil Perm Kupferschiefer Germany (photo Cor Kwant)
Ginkgo sp.
Lower Upper Permian (Lower Thuringian), Zechstein / Kupferschiefer, Harz area, Central Germany
Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
photos  © Cor Kwant



Sphenobaiera ugotheriensis, Benolong, Australia
Sphenobaiera ugotheriensis
Triassic (Anisian stage), Dicroidium Flora, Benolong,
New South Wales, Australia
 photo  © David Scarboro
Ginkgo semirotunda, Triassic, Benolong, Australia

Ginkgo semirotunda
Triassic, Benolong, New South Wales, Australia
 from M.E. White, The Greening of Gondwana

Sphenobaiera sp., Permian/Triassic, Beaufort Group, Karoo Supergroup, South Africa
Pictures left and right: Baiera schenki
 Mid to Late Triassic, Molteno Formation, South Africa
photos  © David Scarboro
Sphenobaiera Karoo Basin Africa Triassic (photo David Scarboro)
Ginkgo, Triassic, Tasmania
Ginkgo sp.
Triassic, Carnian, Stanhope Coal Mine,
Avoca, Tasmania
 photo  © David Scarboro
Ginkgo ginkgoides, Triassic, Dinmore
Ginkgo ginkgoides
Triassic, Norian, Ipswich Coal Measures, Brassal
Subgroup, Blackstone Formation, Dinmore Quarry,
Dinmore (near Ipswich), Queensland, Australia
 photo  © David Scarboro
Ginkgoites watsoniae sp. nov.
Ginkgoites watsoniae sp. nov.
Late Triassic, Chinle Formation,
Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, USA
 from Carole T. Gee, Plants in Mesozoic Time


Jurassic fossils (photo Trautnitz)
Ginkgo and ferns fossils, Upper Jurassic.
Photo taken at an exposition in the Schillat cave (near
Hameln/Hannover). The specimen is from a quarry nearby.
Length of the part shown in the picture is about 30 cm.
photo: Hans-Michael Trautnitz
ginkgo hallei, Henan, China

Baiera hallei
Middle Jurassic, Yima formation, Yima coalmine, 
Henan Province, China
 photo  © David Scarboro

ginkgo huttoni, Jurassic, Scarborough, UK
Ginkgo huttoni
Jurassic, Scarborough, UK
 Naturalis, Leiden
photo  © Cor Kwant


Ginkgo australis, Cretaceous, Koonwarra, Victoria, Australia
Ginkgo australis
Lower Cretaceous, Strzelecki Group, Koonwarra Fish Beds, Leongnatha, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
 photo  © Fossilmall
Ginkgo sp., Cretaceous, Baikal
Ginkgo sp.
Lower Cretaceous, Baikal Formation,
Baikal, Siberia
photo  © David Scarboro
fossil Ginkgo pluripartita, Duingen, Germany
Ginkgo pluripartita
Lower Cretaceous, Berriasian Stage, Duingen, 
Niedersachsen, Germany
photo © David Scarboro
Ginkgo apodes, Cretaceous, Yixian, China
Ginkgo apodes
Cretaceous, Yixian formation,
Liaoning province, China
photo © Z. Zhou
Ginkgo sp., Cretaceous, Knee Hill Tuff, Alberta Canada
Ginkgo sp.
Late Cretaceous (Campanian),
Knee Hill Tuff from Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
photo  © David Scarboro
Ginkgo digitata, Cretaceous, Spitsbergen, Norway
Ginkgo digitata
Cretaceous, Bohemanneset, 
Spitsbergen, Norway
photo  © Paleontological Museum, University of Oslo, Norway



Ginkgo adiantoides, Paleocene, Paskapoo formation
Ginkgo adiantoides
Paleocene, Paskapoo formation, Red Deer,
Alberta, Canada
photo  © David Scarboro
Ginkgo adiantoides North Dakota, Paleocene
Ginkgo cranei
Paleocene, Sentinnel Butte Formation,
Almont, North Dakota
photo  © Dr. Héctor Fierro
Paleocene Spitsbergen, Ginkgo
Paleocene, Longyearbyen, 
Spitsbergen, Norway
photo  © Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway
ginkgo adiantoides, Paleocene, Scotland (photo Cor Kwant)
Ginkgo adiantoides
Paleocene, Scotland
Naturalis, Leiden
 photo © Cor Kwant


Ginkgo Eocene, Idaho
Ginkgo adiantoides
Eocene, Salmon River Flora
Idaho, USA
photo  © David Scarboro
Ginkgo  Eocene, Cache Creek, B.C., Canada
Ginkgo adiantoides
Eocene, MacAbee Formation,
Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada
photo  © David Scarboro
Ginkgo Eocene, Swauk formation, Washington State
Ginkgo adiantoides
Eocene, Swauk formation,
Old Blewett Pass, Washington State, USA
According to Prof. Patrick Spencer, paleontologist at Whitman College, these are the first Ginkgo leaves found in this formation.  Found by (+ © photo): Thomas Phelan, former 
scientific staff member Smithsonian Institution.
Ginkgo jiayinensis, Wuyun Formation Jiayin, China
Ginkgo jiayinensis
Wuyun Formation of Jiayin, Heilongjiang,
northeastern China
(Ginkgo adiantoides is also present
in this formation in the Eocene.)
photo © Z. Zhou
Ginkgo patagonica Eocene, Argentina

Ginkgo patagonica
Eocene, Argentina
photo  © David Scarboro


Ginkgo fossil B.C. Canada (photo Cor Kwant)
Ginkgo adiantoides
Oligocene, Transquille near Kamloops
British Columbia, Canada
Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
photo  © Cor Kwant
Ginkgo adiantoides, Oligocene, Oregon (photo David Scarboro)

Ginkgo adiantoides
Oligocene, Thomas Creek, Oregon
photo  © David Scarboro


Ginkgo adiantoides, Unterwohlbach Formation
OligoGinkgo adiantoides
Miocene, Unterwohlbach Formation,
South Germany
photo  © David Scarboro
Ginkgo adiantoides, Unterwohlbach (photo Cor Kwant)
Ginkgo adiantoides
Unterwohlbach Formation,
South Germany
Paläontologische Museum München
photo  © Cor Kwant

More pictures

Tralau 1968
Middle Mesozoic fossils of Ginkgo:

A:G.digitata (Seward 1900)
B: Salisburia digitata (Saporta 1884)
C:G.adiantoides (Konstantov 1914) 
D:G. digitata (Stanislavski 1957) 
E:Salisburia digitata (Saporta 1884) 
F:G. digitata (Stanislavski 1957)
G-I:G.digitata (Harris 1948)
J: G. huttoni (Bartholin 1892-1894)
K:G. digitata (Kryshtofovitch 1927) 
L:G.huttoni (Krasser 1900)
M: G.huttoni (Vakhrameev & Doludenko 1961)
N-P:G.digitata incl.var.huttoni (Oishi 1940)
Q-U:G. huttoni (Harris 1948)

From Tralau H. 1968, 
Evolutionary trends in the genus Ginkgo, Lethaia 1:63-101

Tralau 1968
Upper Mesozoic fossils of Ginkgo:

A: G.adiantoides (Vakhrameev 1958)
C:G. adiantoides (Vasiljevskaja & Pavlov 1963)
D:G. adiantoides (Vasiljevskaja & Pavlov 1963) 
E:G. adiantoides (Vasiljevskaja & Pavlov 1963)
F:G. adiantoides (Vasiljevskaja & Pavlov 1963)
G:G. adiantoides (Bell 1956)
H:G. pluripartita (Bell 1956)
I:G. pluripartita (Bell 1956)
J:G.dawsoni ( Bell 1957)
K:Baiera pluripartita (Schenk 1871)
L:G.huttoni (Ward 1905)
M:G.pseudoadiantoides (Hollick 1930)
N:G.digitata (Nathorst 1919)
O:G. digitata (Nathorst 1919)
P:G.polaris (Florin 1936)
Q: G.digitata (Ward 1905)
R:G.huttoni (Ward 1905)


The Jurassic Flora, A.C. Seward 1900

Top left: Ginkgo digitata
The Jurassic Flora, vol.1 The Yorkshire Coast.
London 1900. Plate IX from A.C. Seward
Catalogue of the Mesozoic Plants, Dept.of Geology, British Museum, UK

ginkgo fossil stamp Transkei

The only Ginkgo fossil stamp ever issued - from Transkei: Ginkgo koningensis.

More information on my Fossils-page.

 © Cor Kwant

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