Harderwijk (photo: Cor Kwant)

Ginkgo biloba
1735, is said to be planted by Linnaeus, male

Location:  Stadspark De Hortus (Hortus Botanicus),
Academiestraat, Harderwijk, the Netherlands

Linnaeus and the Ginkgo (photo: Cor Kwant)

Carl Linnaeus and the Ginkgo.
Linnaeus finished his medical degree at the University of Harderwijk in 1735.
At Hammarby, Linnéís summer home, a branch from the Ginkgo biloba tree  is hung on the
wall. It is said that the branch came from the ancient tree in Harderwijk.

Location: Linnaeustorentje at the entrance of De Hortus in Harderwijk

Photo ©  Cor Kwant