Ginkgo biloba root system


Ginkgo roots (photo Cor Kwant)
Ginkgo of about 8 years old.
Young trees have a tap root of over 1 meter,
later on the side roots are more dominant.1
photo Cor Kwant
Ginkgo root system (photo ISA)

Excavated Ginkgo biloba tree - 
surface roots are usually no problem. 2
photo Int. Society of Arboriculture


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Ginkgo root system plantation France (photo Cor Kwant)

Ginkgo root system of a tree at the Ginkgo plantation in Bordeaux (France) where the trees are kept
 shrub-sized to gather the leaves.  The trees are cut down to ground level every 5 years.

photo Cor Kwant


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2. Gilman EF, Watson DG, Ginkgo biloba - Maidenhair tree, from: Fact sheet ST-273, Environmental Horticulture Department, Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, November 1993.


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