'LuoShenFu' with Ginkgo trees


Ginkgo trees left on picture.

LuoShenFu detail

Ginkgo tree left of hill.

Above parts of the painting by GuKaiZhi (345-400 AD), Eastern Jin Dynasty of the poem 'LuoShenFu'  by CaoZhi (Three Kingdoms dynasty (221263 AD)). Complete work below.

It describes the meeting of the poet with the beautiful Goddess of the Luo river, their thoughts and impossible love.
Painted on thin silk,  heigth 27 cm, width 572 cm. It can be seen in the Palace Museum of Beijing.

LuoShenFu: complete work

Complete painting (story starts at the top right). The Ginkgo is depicted on many places.

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With thanks to Hemeng for sending me these pictures.


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