Woodblock prints by Utagawa Toyokuni I
Japanese Ukiyo-e printmaker, 1769-1825
depicting Ginkgo leaves pattern


An actor playing Go
Fan print by Toyokuni, Japan, c. 1810s.
Subtitle Go, from the set Yakusha Gei Zukushi (Artistic Accomplishments of Actors).
The famous actor Matsumoto Koshiro V sits at the go board 
wearing an informal summer kimono with a pattern of 
Ginkgo leaves in reverse on a lavender ground.

Toykuni I woodblock : actor with kimono and Ginkgo leaves

The actors Onoe Matsusuke I as the Ghost of Iohata and Matsumoto Kojiro as Mokuemon wearing a kimono with a pattern of Ginkgo leaves.
Scene from the play 'Tenjiku Tokubei ikoku no hanashi' performed in the Kawarazaki Theater in Edo, 1804.

38.5 x 26.0 cm


 © Cor Kwant