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Kushidajinja, Hakata, Fukuoka
1000 years old, male
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato

Kushidajinja, Hakata, Fukuoka
photos: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato

Taisanji, Tokushima, 800 years old, female
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato

Ginkgo pair, Miyaurajinja, Kagoshima, 1000 years old
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato

Meijijingugaien, Tokyo
Photo: Hiroshi Watanabe

Seto (photo John Gathright)
TreeTree climbing by John Gathright in Seto
Photo: John Gathright


Chofukuji, Tokushima, 450 years, male
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato

Jonichiji, Himi, Toyama, 1400 years old, female
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato
Photo Sando Tomoki

OHATSUKI, Hongokuji, Yamanashi
750 years old, female
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato

Rappa Ichou, natural monument
with leaves shaped like a trumpet
IOU temple, Hyougo near Osaka
photo Sando Tomoki

 Sarukawa no ichou
photo: Sando Tomoki

Midousuji (photo Sando Tomoki)
Midousuji street, Osaka
photo Sando Tomoki
Osaka (photo Sando Tomoki)
Ginkgo design, Midousuji street, Osaka
photo Sando Tomoki
Midousuji str,Osaka (photo Sando Tomoki)
Midousuji street, Osaka
photo Sando Tomoki
Tokyo (photo Atsuko Kato)
600 years old male Ginkgo in
 Tokyo, Tobiki Inari shrine. In World War II
 the tree was badly burnt by a bomb but is
 still alive today. 
photo Atsuko Kato

Sarukawa no ichou, 50 m, girth 11.2 m, 
about 1,000 years, female, one of the tallest in Japan
photo Hiroshi Takahashi
Kannon (photo Sando Tomoki)
Statue of Kannon  (goddess of mercy)
carved in a living Ginkgo tree by a Japanese monk.

The tree is still alive and is estimated to be about 200 years old.
Location: near the entrance of  Teiouji temple, Kaminaka town, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

photo Sando Tomoki

Tottori (photo A. Kato)
Tottori, Dainichiji temple, in old grave with GORINTOU. 
            This female Ginkgo is 1200 years old, H.30 m.
   Photo: Atsuko Kato
Mount Fuji with Ginkgo trees (photo Yamamoto)
Ginkgo trees near Mount Fuji 
   Photo: Kazuyoshi Yamamoto
Nara (photo Atsuko Kato)

Nara, Gose, Ichigon shrine
Ginkgo with many chichi, 1,200 years old, male
Photo: Atsuko Kato


Onaza-no-Ooichou (photo Sando Tomoki)
This unique Ginkgo grows on the mountain of Hyougo Pref. located in Kansai area.
It is called 'Onaza no Ooityou' or 'Jyouryuuji no Ooityou'.
Onaza is place name, Jyouryuuji is temple name, and  Ooichou means big ginkgo tree.
As you can see it consists of two large parts!
The tree has many chichi on both parts.
 A Japanese monk called 'Houdou' planted it c. 1300 years ago.

Photo: Sando Tomoki

botanical garden 

photo: Sando Tomoki


old Ginkgo, Aomori - Japan (photo Okitsugu Kajimoto)
Japan's biggest Ginkgo tree
Kita kanegasawa aza shiomigata,
Fukaura town, Nishitsugaru country
natural monument, girth 22 m, many chichi, over 1,000 years old

photo ©  Okitsugu Kajimoto


Osaka Univ. (photo Sando Tomoki)
The Ginkgo-leaf is the symbol of Osaka University.
photo Sando Tomoki
Yamaguschi, Shouenji temple (photo A. Kato)
 Yamaguchi, Shouenji-Temple
Ghost Ginkgo, female, c.1000, 
girth 7.85 m
   Photo: Atsuko Kato
Gifu-ken, Eihoji temple (photo A. Kato)
 Gifu-ken, Eihoji Temple
male tree, c. 1350
   Photo: Atsuko Kato
Okayama, Tanjouji (photo A. Kato)
 Okayama-ken, Tanjouji Temple
Hounen´s Sakasa-Ginkgo,
female, 1140
   Photo: Atsuko Kato
. . .
KousyoujiTempel-Friedhof,Chiba (photo Kato)
Kousyouji Temple - cemetery, Chiba, planted c. 1000
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato
Amago,Miyagi (photo Kato)
Amago, Miyagi, planted c.1400
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato
Ochibe, Asuke, Aichi (photo Kato)
Ochibe, Asuke, Aichi, planted 1600-1800
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato
SairenjiTempel, Ibaraki (photo Kato)
Sairenji Temple, Ibaraki, planted c.1000
photo: Atsuko & Kunihiko Kato
. . .
Kawara, Jinguin Temple (photo Yasunori Yamamoto)
Kawara,  near Jinguin Temple
photo: Yasunori Yamamoto

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