Ginkgo biloba
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Nearly every arboretum or botanical garden in temperate and subtropical climates will have a Ginkgo biloba. The supreme specimens are to be found on temple grounds, near shrines and castles in China, Korea and Japan, some are said to be 4,000 years old. Outside Asia the probably oldest Ginkgos are in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Geetbets (Belgium), read more about them below and see photos.
globelogo (copyright Gunnar Gauffin)

Below I mention many countries and places where Ginkgo trees grow with details about them (if incorrect or incomplete please email me). The listing started in 1999.

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AMERICA -  USA - Canada | Middle America | South America

ASIA - China|Hong Kong|India|Israel|Japan|South Korea|Union of Myanmar|Nepal|Pakistan|Singapore|Taiwan|Vietnam

AFRICA -Algeria|South Africa


globeUSA (North America)
Washington (State) 1. Vantage:
Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park 
2. Issaquah: 90 Front St Southclick for photo
3. Vancouver: American Ginkgo, 22517 N.E. 88th Street
4. Dry Falls National Park
5. Bellevue - On 140th Street between NE 24th Street and Bellevue-Redmond Road.
6. Enatai Beach Park - 3519 108th Ave. SE, Bellevue
7. Corner of Lake Street (Lake Washington Blvd) and Central Way (highway 908) in Kirkland, in front of the Triple-J Cafe
8. Walla Walla:
a. Old Cavalry Fort Walla Walla; now a veterans hospital, Walla Wallaclick for photo
b. at the back of the east end of the library
c. boulevard in front of the new Walgren's store
9. Whitman College Campus Walla Walla
10. Seattle Waterfront on the north side of Pike Place Market
11.  in the median on Montlake Street at the intersection between Montlake and University Village
12. Wenatchee Valley College campus
13. Seattle: Olympic Sculpture Park
14. Mattawa: near Ginkgo Forest Winery 
15. Yakima:  several locations + in old Barge-Chestnut historical district
16. Ellensburg: intersection of 4th St. and Pine St. (1 tree)+ 5th Ave. W., on the north side of the Twin Cities frozen food processing plant (S. side of the street) (2 trees) 
1. also petrified wood of believed extinct species Ginkgo beckii (named after prof. George Beck, who discovered the petrified wood in the 1930s) found near Columbia River Gorge, central Washington.
2. About 1905, female,  planted by Dr. W.E. Gibson who became Issaquah's mayor in 1900. His family home was located on this site until it was torn down in 1970.  Through the efforts of Issaquah High School Students, a petition was drawn up and the tree was saved.
3. farm with 725 male Ginkgos between 3-5 years old (5 varieties) (2001)
4. many trees
5. About 20 trees, mostly young along the roadway. 
6. Two young trees.
8. a. girth 3,01; b. 1 tree; c. several young trees
9. girth 1,65 m
10. 3 large male trees
11. small tree
12. 2 trees of about 10 m
13. several trees
14. more than 100 trees (to grow into a forest), planted c.2005
15. several trees
16. several female trees
New York City Many Ginkgo trees can be found on the New York City Street Tree Map with details about them.

1. 5th Avenueview photoview photoview photo
2. Manhattan, sidewalks/at the Cloisters + St. Nicholas Terrace
3. Flushing (Queens), esp. around Flushing cemetary (north+east) and north+south side of Kissena Park.
4. Greenwich Village, almost in every streetclick for photo
5. New York Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Ginkgo Fence (south of parking); Osborne section (east part of eastern walkway); elevation west of Herb Garden; Ginkgo triangle south end of Cherry Walk; conifer collection (western part); Japanese garden; outside garden on Washington Avenueclick for photo
6. Central Park, for instance in Strawberry fields close to memorial John Lennonclick for photo
7. corner W 20th str/10th Avenue
8. 20th str between 8th and 9th Avenue
9. Upper West Side: West End Avenue
10. Straus Park, corner Broadway-West End Avenue in   the Upper West Side
11. Madison and Lexington Avenue
12. Brooklyn Heights in the village: 10 St Lukes 
13. Gramercy Park, 20th Street between Park Ave South and Third Ave.
14. Bronx: Pelham Parkway from Eastchester Avenue to Fish Avenue + Washington Avenue from E. 181 Street to E. 182 Street
15. Brooklyn: Shore Road from Bay Ridge Avenue to 79th Street
16. intersection of Rivington and Chrystie Streets
17.  Ft. Greene Park, located in Ft. Greene Landmark District in Community board 2 and Council District 35: Prison Ship Martyrs Memorial site
18. Lower Manhattan: at the riverside of Battery park (not far from 'Ground Zero')click for photo
19. Manhattan: 88th Streetclick for photo
20. Opposite the Museum of Modern Art - MoMA -, 11 West 53 Streetclick for photo
21. behind Grant's Tomb on the Upper West Side of Manhattan click for photo
22. trees at both sides of Seagram Building (designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) , 375 Park Avenue, between 52nd Street and 53rd Street in Midtown Manhattan. Trees are part of the designer's project. 
23. Washington Square Parkview photo
24. 103 W 11th Stview photo
25. 21 E 10th Stview photo
26. Manhattan: Isham Park, standing by the stone entry gate at the southeast corner of the park (Broadway) (the former entrance to the estate). Is said to be planted by Mr. Isham. Historic tree, one of the ‘Great Trees of New York City’.view photo
27. Washington Heights-Inwood neighborhood: lawn of Campbell Sports Center, Columbia University

5. 116 trees (planted about 1947), mostly 'Fastigiata', many have seeds (!), also 'Magyar', 'Princeton Sentry' + 3 bonsai trees.
Robert Brown (1773-1858) discovered the nucleus in plant cells.  He demonstrated that the gymnosperms (conifers, ginkgo) are a group apart from the angiosperms (flowering plants) and distinguished from these in having naked ovules.  He is a Patron Plant Scientist whose name is listed along the frieze and on the window tablets of the Administration Building.
6-11. many Ginkgo trees
12. several trees in front of the house in which the Cosby Show was recorded for television
13. large tree, c. 30 m
16. several trees, also female
17. rows of trees
18. many trees
19. many trees
20. row of trees
21. 1 tree, 1915, with dedication plack: given to the city by the Chinese premier, who was a friend of the U.S. president Ulysses S. Grant.
22. 6 trees (also female)
23. many trees, also female
24. many trees
25. many trees
26. 1 large tree, c. 1860
27. several trees
New York (State) 1. New York City: locations mentioned above.
2. Hyde Park: Vanderbilt estate, lawn south of the mansion
3. Prattsville, near Zadock Pratt Museum
+  down Main Street Prattsville, at the Basil Becker house
4. Albany, Washington park
5. Hastings: at the entrance of Mount Hope Cemetary
6. Upstate New York, Village of Rochester, 234 West Avenue (front yard)
7. Schenectady, Union College
8. Aurora, 3 miles to the north on Rte 90. On several locations, also a large Ginkgo on the lawn of the Shakleton Funeral Home
9. Saratoga, Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC)  at the southernmost box office entrance
10. Newburgh: Downing park
11. Clinton: Hamilton College at 198 College Hill Road, in front of the admissions building
12. yard of 13 Prospect ave., Canisteo
13. Aubern: behind the Cayuga Museum at 203 Genesee view photo
14. Hoosick Falls, 41 High St
2. c. 1800. It was among the first 6 Ginkgos in the US. At that point in time, all 6 of them were male clones of the same plant. No seeds had been germinated in the US then yet.
3. about 1825, male, 20 m; planted by Zadock Pratt. The tree in Main str. is female and also large.
4. many large male and female trees
5. big female tree
6. big tree
7. 1 very big tree with large horizontal lower branch on which you can sit
8. several Ginkgo trees
9. 1 young tree
10. 1897? Largest Ginkgo in the USA? + 8 other trees at the east end of the park
11. 1 old tree
12. several trees
13. 1 large tree, c. 1840 + 6 younger trees in the same area
14. 1 female tree, c. 1870
New Jersey 1. Princeton, Princeton Nursery Landsview photo
2. Delanco
3. downtown New Brunswick, home of Rutgers University
4. Merrill Park in Iselin: walking circle
5. Highland Park on side of the road
6. Hoboken: Pier A Park
7. Flemington: Capner Street
8. Frenchtown: Bridge Street in front of Frenchtown Inn
9. New Brunswick: Ingersoll Rand Headquarters at 1 Centennial Drive grove style planting visible from road 
10. The Civil Rights Garden, Pacific Avenue & Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Atlantic City, NJ  08401
1. row of 'Princeton Sentry' Ginkgos.
2. many trees
3. several trees
4. many trees
5. female tree 
6. 40 trees planted as a living memorial to those who died on 9/11/2001, arranged in a grid aligned with the former site of the World Trade Center.
7. 11 trees, also female
8. 2 trees
9. 5 young trees
10. many trees
Missouri 1. Blue Springs:
a. 19th Street across Blue Springs Park
b. corner of 19th street and McDaniels across street from Blue Springs Park. 
2. Columbia: University of Missouri (1 female tree at campus of Stephens College; 2 male trees at the back of McKee Hall; 1 male tree  in front of Whitten Hall)click for photo
4. Moberlyclick for photo
5. St. Louis: Washington University, Ginkgo Walk (view webcam)
6. St.Louis, Tower Grove Park
7. Kansas city:
a. 3620 Bell. Also more trees (also females) in this neighborhood.view photo
b. Nelson Art Gallery, land in front of the museum with Ginkgo trees planted on the top of six or seven terraces.
c. 64th street between Oak and Rockhill Rd.
d. 39th Street
e. campus Stephens college
8. Independence:
a. Mt. Washington cemetery,  614 Brookside Ave.
b. Harry S. Truman Historic District, Wright/Prewitt House:
"On his morning walks down West Maple Avenue, Harry Truman often stopped to admire and speak to a prominent Ginkgo tree shading the front yard of this property. He was overheard saying “you’re doing a good job,” as he patted the tree."
1.a. 1 male tree
1.b. male tree, c.1925
2. several trees, one in front of Whitten Hall is about 10 m

4. about 1900. This tree was transplanted when 5 years old from the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. About 25 m.
5. several trees, c. 1904
6. many large Ginkgos
7. a. 1 tree, c.1882, girth 3.27 m, c. 24 m;
b. grove of trees, at least 50 trees, many female
c. several trees, also female, 1925-1950
d. whole street with Ginkgo trees
e. 1 female tree

8.a. 1 female tree, older than 1900
8.b. 1 large tree, c. 1914

Massachusetts 1. Boston:
Arnold Arboretum, Woodland Hill + Boston Public Garden + Boston Common
2. Cambridge:  Mount Auburn cemetary
3. Cambridge: Harvard University, Arnold arboretum
4. 483 Tyler street, Pittsfield
5. Brockton: a. Fairfield Ave; b. Greenfield Ave; c. Prospect Ave.
7. Lynn, 48 Lafayette pkview photo
8. Fall River:
a. on the corner of Mott and Cambridge streets
b. along Cottage St. between Ridge and South Main
c. Highland Ave, set back in a yard on the left entering from President Ave.
9. New Bedford:
a. park on Hawthorne St, situated almost directly across from Page St. where St. Luke's Hospital is located
b. Veterans Green Space, across from 145 Bliss St.; planted in 2009 by Southern New England School of Law to celebrate Peace Day
10. The Woodlawn Cemetery, 302 Elm St, Everett, near the main entrance off Park ave.
11. Taunton: Revolutiary drive
12. Salem: Peabody Essex Museum, Armory Park down the Garden Walkway
13. Dartmouth: side entrance to the Southern New England School of Law, Ledgewood Boulevard. Planted in 2009 by this School of Law to celebrate Peace Day.
14. Weston, end of Blake Road
15. Belmont: 1 large tree in front of the Women's Club,  661 Pleasant St.
16. Worcester: hospital
17. Hanover: Waterford Drive
18. Newton: 356 Newtonville ave.
1. Boston Public garden: 9 trees of which several are female. Boston Common: several young trees
2. 29 trees
4. 1 tree of about 10 m 
5. c. 1932, also female: a. 17 trees; b. 13 trees (many female); c. 9 trees
7. 1 old male tree
8. a.1 old female tree; b.1 tree; c. 1 large tree
9.a. 2 male trees; b. 1 tree 
10. 11 trees incl. 3 females, c. 1850
11. 110 trees, c.2003
12. row of trees
13. 1 tree
14. large tree, late 1800
15. 1 tree, c. 1853
16. 2 male, 3 female trees
17. many trees
18. 1 large tree
Michigan  1. Monroe: In front of Dorsch Memorial Library, 18 East First Street + on sideway terraces.
2. Toledo
3. Detroit:
Times Square Park (Robert Hurst Park), Cass at State, one block north of Michigan, downtown Detroit
4. University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, South University Ave 945
5. Troy
6. GM Tech Center Campus in Warren
7. along the road at the new Powertrain engineering headquarters in Pontiac
8. Arboretum of Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary
1. around 1860, female. Yearly Ginkgo-contest when leaves will drop in fall.
2. some trees
3. 1 male ginkgo planted by Yoko Ono with a gray granite stone with a bronze plaque that says: "Wish Tree for Detroit. Whisper your wish to the bark of the tree. Yoko Ono, 2000." 
4. 1 tree
5. about 7 m
6. several trees
7. several young trees
8. 1 male + 1 female tree, c. 1940
Washington D.C. 1. Along many streets + Capitol Hillclick for photo,
Dupree area/Down town/Agricultural Department  avenue.

2. White House : in the garden at the right, close to the fence of the estate's boundary click for photo
3. Georgetown: "R" St. in front of Montrose Park and Dumbarton Oaks; 28th street; Cambridge Placeclick for photo
4. National Museum of Natural Historyclick for photo
5. Farragut Square
6. south entrance to the Smithsonian Castle (Smithsonian Institution Building), 1000 Jefferson Drive SW. Planted in 1986 as part of the Enid A. Haupt Garden.

1. around 5,000 trees, also female
2. 1 tree
3. many trees, also female
4. several trees
5. 1 male tree, 357 inch circumference and 30.4 m tall, one of the largest trees in Washington D.C.: this tree was mistakenly cut down in 2013.
6. 2 trees, 1986
Pennsylvania 1. Gettysburg: National Military Park
2. Campus of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, at 4190 City Ave, Phila, Pa  19131 
3. Longwood Gardens
4. Philadelphia: lining streets of  old downtown residential section view photo
5. Kutztown: campus Kutztown University
6. Philadelphia: Historic Bartram's garden, 54th Street and Lindbergh Blvd.view photo
7. Philadelphia Zoo
8. Philadelphia: on the property of a wistar nursery.  It is in front of the remains of their early Greenhouse.
9. Weatherly: 211 First Streetclick for photo
10. Springfield: 240 Beechwood Ave./corner Franklin St.
11. Selinsgrove: campus of Susquehanna University
12. Cheltenham Township: Heidelberg historical Kerlin farm
13. Uniontown: grounds of Mount St. Macrina monastery off of W Main St. (female tree); row of Ginkgos on Church St. in front of an old school; Nassau Street
14. Erie: 4715 Glenwood park ave. 
15. Antes Fort, island in the Susquehanna River near Jersey Shore
16. Pittsburgh: adjacent to Allegheny Commons along North Avenue - Northside Pittsburgh. 
17. Jamestown: grounds of the Gibson House
18. Lancaster: cemetery
19. Philadelphia: Wissinoming Park. This ginkgo is likely one of many trees planted by Robert Cornelius around his estate in the 1850s and 60s.view photo
20. Shippensburg, King street
21. Tyler Arboretum, Media, 515 Painter Road (Lima County)view photo
22. Philadelphia: Rose Gardenview photo
2. 2 trees of about 20 m
3. large tree
4. many trees
5. 1 large multi-trunked tree
6. 1784, oldest of USA, male, 33 m. Probably seedling of Hamilton's tree.
7. several large trees
8. 1 large tree
9. 1 large tree, c.1890
10. 1 very large tree
11. row of Ginkgos
12. 1 old tree, c.1800?
13. several trees, also female
14. male + female tree
15. 1 female tree
16. row of trees
17. 1 old female tree + 1 younger male tree
18. 3 male + 3 female trees. One of the male trees is c. 29 m height, girth 6.68 m.
19. 1 large tree, c. 1850, diameter: 48.6 inches, circumference: 13 ft. 1 in. (6/13/13)
20. several trees
21. 1 tree, c. 1830: circ. 254 inches, 74 ft. spread,  85.6 ft. tall
22. 1 tree
Minnesota 1. Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassenclick for photo
2. St. Cloud, in Munsinger Gardens
1. many trees, also female
2. 2 trees
Arkansas 1. Mountain Ranch in Fairfield Bayclick for photo
2. Maple Hill Cemetery, 1801 Holly Street,  Helena-West, Helena.  GPS: N34.5416466 W90.5892671 
3. Van Buren:
3.1 front yard of 421 Drennen Streetview photo
3.2 front yard of 615 Drennen Streetview photo
1. 1 tree + 1 young tree
2. 1 large tree
3.1 2 old male trees
3.2 1 old male tree
Alabama 1. Montgomery: Grounds of the governor's mansion
2. Huntsville
3. Huntsville, Von Braun Civic Center
4. Decatur, 1813 Penny Laneclick for photo
5. Tuscaloosa: Lurleen B. Wallace Blvd. behind an office
6. Birmingham: campus Birmingham-Southern College, north on the winding path from Stockham to Munger Memorial Hall . Sixteen bronze chairs shaped like ginkgo leaves sit in a semi-circle at the base of one of the trees.
1. large female tree
2. about 25 trees 
3. a male tree
4. large multitrunked male tree
5. 1 tree, c. 15 m
6. 2 large trees (also female)
Georgia 1. Athens: Univ.of Georgia (President's House)click for photo
2. Augusta: Old Government House, 432 Telfair street
3. Macon
4. Athens: downtown
5. Atlanta:
5.1 in front of the High Museum of Art
5.2 Westview cemetery
1. 1 tree of 1929; Athens'official tree; in total about 5 trees, also female
2. 20 m. Supposedly planted in 1791 in commemoration of George Washington's visit to the city.
3. about 20 m
4. about 60 trees
5.1 1 large tree, 30 m, end 19th C.
5.2 1 large tree, 32 m
Connecticut 1. Storrs: Univ. of Connecticut, Student Union Mall
2. Norwalk: 'Judah Island'
3. grounds of the Institute of Living, Hartford, 1 tree towards the south end; 1 tree north end
4. Bushnell Park, Hartford
5. Lebanon: historic Lebanon Green
6. New Haven: 
6.1 Outside of Ezra Stiles College of Yale University
6.2 Timothy Dwight College of Yale University
7. Waterford: Harkness Memorial State Park, at the end of the main parking lot, in front of the restroom facilities
8. Simsbury: center of S., Railroad str. ( Lon. 41°52'40.89"N, Lat. 72°48'0.51"W )click for photo
9. Trinity College campus, Hartford
10. New London:
10.1 Williams Street Park, South West Corner
10.2 Williams Street at Vauxhall Street, Curb Side
10.3 Holly Terrace, Private lot, End of street
10.4 Hempstead Street Park, Hempstead Street at Broad Street, Along walk
11. Litchfield
12. Madison
13. Colchester, South Main Street. Historic tree planted by.Elisabeth E. Bigelow
1. female tree
2. large tree in private garden, male
3. 1 tree is New England champion, about 1860
5. 1 old tree
6.1 7 trees planted in a circle representing the seven sister muses, the pleiades dancing in a circle.
6.2 1 large tree, c. 1935
7. 1 female + 2 male trees
8. 1 large old tree 
9. 2 female trees
10.1: 1 large male tree
10.2: 2 trees, h. 7 m (2009)
10.3: 1 large female tree
10.4: 2 large male trees
11. 1 large tree
12. 1 large Ginkgo 'Fastigiata'
13. 1 tree, 1889
Kentucky 1. Louisville:
a. Cave Hill Cemetery, 701 Baxter Ave.click for photo
b. Bernheim Forest located just south of Louisville, Kentucky off interstate 65
c. central part of Main Street
d. Mallard Greek road view photo
2. Ashland, Henry Clay estate, Lexington
(near the Ginkgo Tree Cafe)
3. University of Kentucky, King Library Annex, across from the Geology Department Building.  This is on South Limestone Street, in Lexington.
4. Bernheim Forest Arboretum, near Clermont
5. Nerinx, motherhouse of the Sisters of Loretto
6. Lexington: 
a. Catalpa Rd., in front of Central Christian Church on Short Street, near Gratz Park off Market Street, off Morrow Alley near Third Street.
b. Broadway in Lexington
7. campus at Murray State University, Murray
8. Wapping Street in Frankfort
9. Covington: Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park
1.a. male tree of about 1830, witches broom with seeds in top.
1.b. grove of trees
1.c. many trees
1.d. 1 large tree, about 1800
2. Henry Clay, a Kentuckian,  was a statesman and he took a trip on behalf of the government to China during the early 1800's. He was gifted a Ginkgo by the emperor and brought it back and planted it at his home
3. 1 tree
4. several trees
5. female trees
6.a. several old trees
7. several trees
8. several trees
9. 2 large trees, c. 1855
Texas 1. San Antonio: Grounds of the Alamo
2. Austin: Governors mansion
3. Denton: campus of University of North Texas, in front of the biology building
4. Fort Worth, water garden
5. Tyler: City Hall lawn, 212 N. Bonner Ave. - The Hubbard Ginkgo: tree brought from China by Ambassador Richard Bennett Hubbard.
6. Austin: University of Texas campus, near the greenhouseview photo
2. planted by Japanese ambassasor in about 1870
3. 2 trees. One was planted on earth day in 1970.
4. several trees, c. 1970
5.several trees; 1 on SE lawn planted in 1889
6. several trees
Texas New Boston: 605 N. Ellisstreetview photo 22 m, male. Largest in Texas.
Iowa 1. Shenandoah: National Park
2. Cornell College, Mount Vernon, in front of President's Home
3. Montezuma,  northwest corner of 2nd ave. and E. Dallas
4. University of Iowa
5. 201 Ross Street, Toledo (back garden)
6. Spragueville: East Main Street
2. male tree of Japanese origin, about 1850, biggest in Iowa
3. about 20 m, male, girth c. 4,3 m
4. many trees on campus, also female
5. 1 tree of 1885
6. 1  old tree
North Carolina 1. Andrews: Grounds of The Walker Inn of Old Valleytown, 385 Junaluska Road
2. Old Salem: Old Winston Salem, old cemetary + Visitor Center (Historic Moravian village)click for photo
3. National Park on the property that was once the home of Carl Sandburg, the poet, and his wife in Flat Rock
4. Winston-Salem: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Medical Center Blvd 
5. Charlotte, East Second street
6. Rutherfordton, corner Main str./Court Str.
7. Dallas: just outside of the Lena Sue Beam Health Sciences Center at Gaston Community Collegeclick for photo
8. North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services aboard Dorothea Dix Campus, Raleigh: corner of Umstead Drive and Hunt Drive
9. campus of Meredith College, Raleigh
10. Charlotte: Queens University Harris Welcome Center, 1830 Queens Road
11. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in front of New West Hall
12. Winston-Salem: corner of Runnymede Rd. and Springdale Ave. Former estate grounds (now a public park) of John Wesley Hanes. view photo
The Ginkgo trees are considered "the only accepted trees" for city avenues and sidewalks in the state of N. Carolina.
1. Probably largest in North Carolina, brought in a wagon from Charleston, South Carolina, in 1850.
2. cemetary: champion tree; other location 1 big tree
3. 1 tree, about 26 m
4. 2 rows of Ginkgo trees in an outdoor walkway
5. trees at 3 blocks on both sides of the street
6. large tree
7. 10 trees (male+female)
8. 1 tree, 14 m,  girth 1,8 m
9. 2 large trees
10. 1 large old tree
11. 1 tree
12. 1 huge tree
South Carolina 1. Sumter: Follow U.S. Highway 521 until you're just outside of Sumter. Go down Ebenezer School Road.
2. Greenville Tech campus in Greenville
3. Columbia: State House
4. Charleston
a. Charleston Historic District: Meeting Street vicinity near the Battery, in yard of one of the historic homes
b. Charleston Library Society
c. Marion Square
d. King Street
1. Largest Ginkgo plantation in the world (Garnay Inc.): 'Medicine tree farm'. Millions of trees (shrub-sized). Read more on my Usage-page.
2. About 30 trees, 3-8 m (2002)
3. several trees, also female
4.a 1 large tree
4.b 2 large trees
4.c several trees
Florida 1. Orlando: Disneyworld, Animal Kingdomclick for photo
2. University of Florida campus Tallahassee
3. University of Florida campus Gainesville
1. 1 tree
2. 2 trees
3. several trees, male + female
Virginia 1. State Arboretum Univ.of Virginia, Blandy Experimental Farm, Shenandoah Valley (61 miles west of Washington)click for photoview photo
2. Gloucester: White Marsh Plantation, clickview photofor photo and details
3. Leesburg: Oatlands estate south of L. (on Rt.15)
4. Newport News: Gate St.; Christphor Newport University; Denbigh
5. Norfolk: North Granby St. median
6. Virginia beach: Shore Dr & Independence; Bayside Elementary on Diamond Springs 
7. Hampton: Thomas Nelson Community College; Hampton  Coliseum; Settlers Landing median just off I-64; Between Hotel and Air and Space Museum
8. York County: Long Green Blvd at Public Library
9. James city county: Busch Gardens Parking lot along Rt 60
10. Montgomery county: Virginia Tech parking across from Ambler Johnston Dormitory
11. Richmond: a.  near James river, Maymont park; b. old St. John's Episcopal Church yard; c. Historic Churchill area; d. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
12. Urbanna (Middlesex county), next to the Bay Aging office, Old Virgina St.  Rt. 227
13. Parkersburg: on the property of St. Joseph's Hospital
14. Fairfax: George Mason University, behind Student Apartment building no.5
15. Charlottesville: Jefferson Rotunda
16. Charlottesville: in front of the Art Museum
17. Springfield, Lake Accotink Park
18. Fredericksburg:
a. in the middle of the civil war cemetery
b. Chatham Manor, southern Stafford County, along the Rappahannock River
19. Charleston: property of the First Presbyterian Church, on the corner of Leon Sullivan Way and Virginia Street
20. Lewisburg: campus of the New River Community and Technical College, Church Street, just north of the main sidewalk on campus
21. Arlington National Cemetery
1. One of the largest groves of Ginkgos outside China with 340 trees, planted early 1930s (male + female) for research.
2. about 1820, Virginia USA champion, 26 m, girth 4.8, male
3. about 35 m
4. 8; 20 trees (10 female); Denbigh: 1880, 22m, girth 3.3 m, female
5. 3 male and 3 female trees
6. 2 male + 3 female; about 17 trees
7. about 16; 12 (1 female); 13; 16
8. 12 trees
9. 40 trees
10. 100, some female trees
11. a. old female tree; b. 1 old male + 1 female tree; c.  5 male trees + 1 female; d. 1 tree, c. 1910
12. 2 trees
13. 1 tree
14. 3 trees
15. 1 male tree
16. several female trees
17. 2 trees
18. a. 1 large male tree, 30 m, c. 1900; b. female tree, c. 33 m
19. 1 tree, 1870
20. 1 large tree
21. 1 tree?
California 1. San Francisco
2. Berkeley: campus  outside Giannini Hall
3. Sacramento: Cal. State Univ. campus: Ginkgo Row
4. San Jose: western part
5. Pasadena near Los Angeles: Huntington Library Estate-Japanese garden: Zen-garden
6. Los Angeles, Pomona
7. Modesto
8. Orange: From 122 South Clark Street to 360 South Clark Streetclick for photo
9. California State University, Long Beach, West Campus Dr. by the library receiving lot.  It was given as a gift to the University by a graduating class in the 1980's and has a small plaque. 
10. La Habra: intersection of Puente street and Central, in front of office buildingclick for photo
11. Arcadia: Los Angeles County Arboretum
12. Concord: in Quad campus of De La Salle High School, 1130 Winton Drive
13. Placerville, west of 2480 Carson Road: ginkgo tree growing at 2800’ elevation on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada! More info: Detlev R. Vogler, USDA, Forest Service, PSW Research Station, Institute of Forest Genetics, 2480 Carson Road, Placerville, CA 95667-5107.
14. Sacramento Capital Park, registered as California  Big Tree. Capitol Ave & 15th St.
2. male, large tree. More trees around the campus grounds (also female near music building).
3. row of about 10 trees
4. many trees
5. many trees (also bonsai) in the Zen garden
6. large female tree of 1927
7. many trees in streets and parks
8. 34 trees
9. 1 tree
10. 20 trees
11. several trees
12. 11 trees, planted 1966
13. 1 tree, c. 1930
14. 1 large tree, 84 ft h, circ. 188 inches + several more trees, also female.
Ohio 1. Cleveland's Gateway, Jacob's Field and Gund Arenaclick for photo
2. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton; scattered around the "Brick Quarters" (Senior officer housing) and the parks right next to it
3. downtown Canton: frontyard Canton Woman's Club, Market Ev.
4. State University, Columbus
5. Galion: Fairview Cemetery at the middle gate
6.  Cincinnati: Ginkgo Biloba Joeshaphar Cemetery; along Central Parkway
7. City of Chillicothe, Carlisle Hill in the front yard of an 1800's house called "Mountain House."
8. Cincinnati: former estate of Henry Probasco
9. South Euclid, suburb of Cleveland
10. Ripley, Second Street
11. Delaware: Wesleyan University, behind Sturges Hall
12. Veterans Memorial Park in Genoa
13. Toledo: Botanical garden
1. 260 male trees
2. 15 trees of about 5 m
4. several trees
5. about 2 trees, also female
6. Several large trees at the cemetery
7. about 23 m, large  female, diam. 4'
8. 1 tree, state champion, c. 27 m
9. 1 tree
10. 1 tree, 1849, called 'witness tree'
11. 1 large female tree
12. 1 large tree
13. 32 trees (c. 2010)
Tennessee 1. Chattanooga
2. entrance cemetary in the Sequoyah Bearden area of Knoxville
3. Nashville:click for photo
3a. West End United Methodist Church
3b. Trinity Presbyterian Church 
3c. Park Manor Tower 
3d. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens
3e. Green Hills Area
4. Morristown: National Historic Park
5. Murfreesboro: Veterans Affairs Hospital
6. Winchester: John Wiley Templeton Confederate War Memorial Cemetery
7. Memphis:
7.1 Cooper street (midtown)
7.2 Memphis: Woodcrest Driveview photo
3a. 3 large females
3b. 6 females, 1 male
3c. 3 males, 3 females
3d. several males
3e. c.30 trees
5. many trees
6. 1 tree of 1959, with memorial stone about this tree by Mr Templeton
7.1 street lined with Ginkgo trees
7.2 large old tree 
Indiana 1. Merrilville: Deep River County park, 9410 Old Lincoln Highway
2. Evansville
3. Muncie: Ball State University
4. Morgantown, Washingtonstreet, in front of James T. Wolkins home
5. LaGrange: Corner of Sherman and Church st.
6. Anderson: North East corner of John st. And 14 th. st. , on the Anderson city schools main office grounds. 
7. Richmond: Reid Hospital in the back parking lot area
8. Anderson, 1022 Historic West 8th str.
9. Purdue University campus, West Lafayette
10. Indianapolis: 977 Woodruff Pl. East Dr.
11. Terre Haute: back yard of an apartment house in the 1600 block of south 4th St
12. Along the curb in front of 1917 Second Ave
13. Salem:  sidewalks around the square of businesses that surround the courthouse
14. Indiana Beach in Monticello: along the boardwalk of the amusement park
15. Purdue University Calumet Campus in Hammond
16. side yard and front of 6217 Johnson St in Merrillville
17. Merrillville: by the entrance of an optometrist's office at 68th Pl and Massachusetts St
18. Parke County, Rockville: private garden 804 W US Hwy 36, from the road it can partly be seen towering over the houseview photo
19. Bloomington: campus Indiana University
1. several trees
2. many trees
3. 1 tree used as the icon of the Atrium
4. 1 large tree. It is a memorial tree to those who survived the Andersonville, Ga., prison during the Civil War, planted by Dr Griffitt in about 1880.
5. 1 tree
6. 1 tree
7. 1 large tree
8. 1 tree, c. 1905
9. c. 30 trees
10. 1 large female tree
11. 1 large tree
12. 2 female trees, c. 1970
13. many trees
14. many trees
15. several trees
16. 2 trees
17. 1 tree
18. 1 huge tree, c. 1865??
19. 3 trees (male and female), c. 1890
Oregon 1. Ashland:
a. Lithia park:  Japanese garden (near top of stream to the left) 
b. Corner of C street and 2nd streetclick for photo
3. Corvalis: 31st street at the west end of the Oregon State University campus
4. Junction city
5. Portland has many Ginkgos, for instance: 
a. Chapman and Lownsdale Squares
b. near Grace Bible Church (SW 12th Avenue)
c. near the Oregon Zoo parking lot
d.  inside the Japanese Garden
e. outside the Japanese garden near the entrance
f. outside the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)
g. Reed College
h. 662 NW Melinda
i. 1836 SE 51st
j. SE Sabin school entrance
6. Gresham: Gresham High School
7. McMinnville: a few blocks from Brew Pub (on Third Steet)
1.a. grove of  6 trees (4 male + 2 female)  of about 1920
1.b. 6 trees
2. many trees
3. many trees
4. 1 large tree
5.a. 25-30 trees; b. several trees; c. 2 trees; d. 1 tree; e. 5 trees; f. 5 trees; g. 2 large female trees (h. 40-45 m); h. 1 tree, 30m; i. 1 tree, 38 m; j. 2 trees (1 female)
6. 2 trees (cultivar 'Gresham')
7. 1 tree, c. 1990
Louisiana Baton Rouge: in front of State Capitol Building About 20 m. Planted by Henry Watkins Allen in 1857.  Brought from Mainland China. Is said to be one of the oldest Ginkgos in USA.
Idaho Boise:
1.  Lining Capitol Boulevard from Crescent Rim Drive to Boise River.
2. 8th Street between Boise River and Front Street. 
3. Julia Davis Park near east end of zoo.
2. many females too.
Maryland 1. Poolesville: John Poole House, 1 tree on either side of the house
2. NOAA, Suitland: courtyards
3. Frederick: Julia Etchison-Hanna House (near the synagogue)
4. University of Maryland,  Arboretum garden, in front of Knight Hall
1. 2 trees, country co-champion trees
2. several trees
3. 1801, girth c.4 m, h. 28 m, spread 28 m. One of the oldest and largest in USA.
4. Several Ginkgo 'Princeton Sentry' trees
Illinois 1. Oak Park, Frank Lloyd Wright's home. When the renowned architect built his home there in 1889, the tree was around 4 inches in diameter. It was likely planted by John Blair, a landscape gardener who built the adjacent home on the property circa 1867.click for photo
2. Hampton -north of East Moline on Route 84-:  516 First Avenue (in the yard of Patrick Gillespie)
3. University of Illinois campus Urbana-Champaign: a.  in front of the Davenport Hall at 607 South Mathews; b.  in front or the Foreign Languages Building at 707 South Mathews; c. east door of Cook Hall
4. Elizabethtown, stands high above the Ohio River just across from Kentucky. It is located on the South Side of Illinois Highway 146 about 100 yards east of the 4-way stop sign in the villageclick for photo
5. Chicago: University of Chicago at Science botany pond, Hyde Park area, Court Yard
6. Backyard: 400 Hampton Terrace  Libertyville,  38 miles north of Downtown Chicago.
7. Eastern Illinois University Campus
8. Lake Zurich, just east of the Rail road tracks
9. Mattoon, lawn of public libraryclick for photo
10. Lisle: Morton Arboretum. The Ginkgo is the park's symbol.click for photo
11. Elmhurst, park district
12. Chicago: near the 63rd Street Beach 
13. Chicago: near the Washington Park Fieldhouse at 55th and King Drive
14. Peoria: Historic High Streetview photo
15. Chicago Botanic Garden, 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe
16. Decatur: boulevard in the 200 block of West William Street in Decatur, just across the road from the Art Deco majesty of the Masonic Temple. Tree called the "Assassination Tree" since it was reportedly planted the day President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, April 14, 1865.view photo
17. Bloomington: Evergreen Cemetery 
1. The old tree in front of the home died in 1992 due to a storm. One Ginkgo tree still grows behind the home next to the studio. The shop relating to Wright's Home and Studio and his later work is called the Ginkgo Tree Bookshop.
2. 1854, female, over 33 m, planted by the townfounder Francis Black. It on the list of Illinois Big Tree Champions.
3. a+b: 1 tree; c. female tree, c. 1900
4. very large tree, c. 1823
5. c. 1900, 17 m (Science botany pond)
6. 1 large tree of c.1953 (visible from the public road)
7. 4 trees, male and female
8. 1 male+1 female tree
9. 1 large tree
10. several trees
11. several trees
12. many trees
13. many trees
14. 1 tree, weeping form, with chichi, c. 1910
15. 28 varieties of Ginkgo trees
16. 1 large old tree, 1865
17. 1 old tree
Wisconsin 1. Monroeclick for photo
2. Kenosha: a. female tree at 720 48th Street +  male tree 2 blocks south at a business called The Port 
1. Wisconsin's Champion tree for the Ginkgo category. Girth 4.8 m.
2. both trees are large
Vermont Bennington:
1. off Walloomsac Road
2. Downtown area at 364 Elm Street near the intersection of Elm and Monument Ave.
1. about 1860, 23 m, girth 5 m, famous tree in Vermont, female
2. 1 tree, c. 25 m
Oklahoma 1. Oklahoma City: close to north part of 39th Street on Portland Avenue.
2. Yukon: across from the Yukon Fire Station
1. 1 tree, c. 1930, champion tree
2. 1 tree c. 1968
Montana 1. Billings: front yard of 2910 Radcliff Drive
2. Billings: north of the tennis courts in Pioneer Park
3. Missoula: University of Montana
1. 1 tree about 1968
2. 1 tree 
3. 1 male tree
North Dakota Wahpeton: Stern Cultural Center, on the campus of North Dakota State College of Science 1 tree
Mississippi A. Columbus:
1. M. University for Women
2. M. State University

B. Lamont near Greenville:
in private garden, trees can be seen from the county road

A1. 1 female tree
A2. 1 male tree
Local legend has it that if two persons are struck by falling leaves on these two campuses on the same day, roughly same time, they are 'destined' for each other. 

B. several large trees

Colorado Denver: East High School 1 old tree
Rhode Island Bristol:
1.1 At entrance to Fleet Bank driveway
1.2 Blithewold Mansion Gardens & Arboretum, 101 Ferry Road (Rt. 114) 
2.1 Intersection Charles & Corliss streets, along US Postal Service`s main Post Office
2.2 The Radeke Memorial Garden
3. Bristol Harbor:  Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum
4. Newport:
4.1 opposite Ochre Point
4.2 115 Narragansett ave
4.3 41&43 Cranston ave
4.4 614 Bellevue ave
1.1 1 tree
1.2 1 male + 1 female in front yard
2.1: 18 trees about 1968, also female
4.1 male and female trees
4.2. 1 large tree
4.3 2 trees
4.4 1 tree
New Hampshire 1. campus University of New Hampshire
2. Saint Anselm College, 100 St Anselm Dr, Manchester: behind Joseph Hall. This Ginkgo was grown from a tree that survived Ground Zero of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, only 200 meters from the bomb’s epicenter.
1. 2 large male trees + 2 younger trees
2. 1 tree, planted 2016
Kansas 1. behind Leavenworth City Hall at 5th and Seneca str.
2. Zoo, Topeka
3. Hutchinson: intersection of 1st and Poplar, in front of a law office
1. 1 large old tree
2. 1 female tree
3. 1 male + 1 female tree
Maine  Bangor:
1. Fern Street, behind Coffee Express
2. along Main Street
3. Center Street in front of Brookings Smith Funeral Home
4. corner of Maple and State Street 
1. 1 large old tree
2. several trees
3. several trees
4. 1 large old tree
Canada (North America)
Alberta 1. Drumheller: Royal Tyrrell Museum
2. University of Alberta, Edmonton, right beside a multi story parking area near to the Education Building
1. Inside the museum  (Paleoconservatory) as an example of plantlife during the dinosaurs era.
2. 1 tree, c. 1998
British Columbia Vancouver:
1. Van Deusen Gardens
2. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden, Chinatown 
3. Holy Rosary Cathedral, Dunsmuir Streetclick for photo
4. University of British Columbia, Botanical Gardens
5. West End on Barclay St.click for photo
6. Kamloops: left side of old court houseclick for photo
7. Ladysmith: Island Highway, 100 metres from the Transfer Beach entrance
8. The Simon Fraser University, biology department, "Living Fossils" garden
9. Capilano University, in the main parking lot by the book store
10. Yaletown, on the intersection of Pacific Blvd and Homer St, by David Lam Park
Most larger cities in BC have Ginkgos in parks.
2. Only classical Chinese scholar's garden outside China.
3. 6 trees
4. several trees
5. 1 large tree
6. 2 large trees (semi-desert climate)
7. 1 tree, c.1947
8. 1 tree
9. 1 tree
10. 2 trees
Montreal 1. Near  Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, close to Beaux-Art Museum, Sherbrooke streetclick for photo
2. Suburban area of Lachine
3. Outremont, in parc Joyce 
4. Botanical garden: arboretum
5. Saint Catherine Street (in front of church)click for photo
6. Collège Notre-Dame
7. Parc La Fontaine
8. Sophie-barat high school 
9. Londen Life building (1245 Sherbrook street)
10. Concordia University, Maisonneuve Blvd. (north side), near Bethune's statue
11. corner of Peel St. and Dr. Penfield
12. southwest corner of Peel St. and Pine Ave.
13. Murray Hill Park, Westmount
14. St. Joseph's Oratory
15. Mount Royal Cemetary
16. near the northwest corner of Lafontaine Park, just to the left of the monument to Dollard des Ormeaux
17. Avenue de Trafalgar
1. 3 trees.
2. Small trees in a few streets.
3. Some large Ginkgos, also female.
4. Some Ginkgos.
5. 7 trees
6. one of the oldest G. in the Montreal area
7. 1 large and old tree
8. 1 tree
9. 3 trees
10. several trees
11. 1 female tree
12. 1 male tree
13. several trees
14. 2 female trees
15. c.50 trees, also female
16. 1 old male tree
17. 4 trees
Nova Scotia 1. Halifax: Campus Mount Saint Vincent University and in public garden
2. Wolfville: Harriet Irving Botanical gardens of Acadia University
3. Middleton: King Street, private home front yard
1. Several trees.
2. 1 tree
3. 1 tree
Ontario Ontario:
1. Westdale (Hamilton): in garden near old teaching garden of the Royal Botanical Gardens
2. Waterloo Park
3. Stratford Shakespeare Festival Gardens
4. Arboretum Sunnidale Park, Barrie
5. at the base in Pinafore Park St.Thomas
6. grounds on the University of Western Ontario in London Ontario
7. Springbank Park in London, Ontario
8. Cassandra Public School
9. Hamilton, Markland street
10. London, Ontario, Grosvenor Street, between Maitland and Adelaide streets
11.  front yard of the Court House at James and Church Street in St. Catharines
12. Montreal Park Joice
very close to Niagara Fallsclick for photo
13. Niagara Fallsclick for photo
14. Cambridge:
a. 20 Albert Street, adjacent to the yard of a three story apartment building at 14 Albert Street, and can easily be seen
from there (it hangs over the yard of the apt).  The tree towers above the apartment building.
b. corner of Spruce and Bruce
15. Elliot Lake: mine sites-Rooster Rock
16. London: 1075 The Parkway
17. New Hamburg: Wilmot Township arboretum
18. Aurora: garden of 34 Hammond Drive
19. in front of the Art gallery
20. The Festival Theatre gardens at Stratford
21. Queen's Park in Toronto
22. In front of the Bracebridge Public Library in the Town of Bracebridge Ontario, in the heart of Muskoka.
23. in front of a bakery shop in the village of Westport 
24. Peterborough, 100 Benson Avenue
25. Burlington: in front of the Canadian Reformed Church, boulevard of Dynes Road
26. University of Waterloo
27. Kitchener: vicinity of  'Centre in the Square' concert hall
1. about 10 m
4. about 15 m
5. about 23 m, girth about 1.2 m
6. male and female
7. many small trees and 4 large ones planted togther, each of them about 18-20 m
8. 1 tree in front of the school, about 1968, female; the school's logo is the Ginkgo leaf.
9. 20 m, female, about 1920
10. about 1930, 23 m, girth 2 m
12. 2 Ginkgo male+female + c. 1932.
13.  large tree
14. a. very large tree; b. 1 tree
15. 4 young trees planted in 2003 as a work of art by Andrea Pinheiro
16. 1 tree of about 1972
17. several trees in groups of 4
18. 1 tree of c. 1995
19. several trees
22. 1 tree, 1984, 14 m
23. 1 tree
24. 1 tree
25. 2 trees, 1991
26. several trees
27. several old trees
Ottawa 1. Arboretum at the Ottawa Experimental Farm
2. Close to Pretoria Bridge
3. German Embassy (driveway)
4. Slater street
5. Woodlawn near Wilton Lane, neighborhood
called "The Glebe"
6. Bronson Avenue, on Lisgar street near Bay
7. on the grounds of Rideau Hall (the official residence of the Governor General)
8. Russell Boyd Park, across from St. Bernard School
9. Preston street/Somerset street,  Vietnamese Memorial
1. 5 trees
2. male
3. female
4. 3 trees of about 12 m
5. 1 tree
6. 1 tree
7. 6 trees: one of the trees is a ceremonial tree commemorating the visit of Chinese President Li Xiannian in the 1980s
8. 1 tree
9. grove of trees, also female
Blaine close to Canadian border, west of road in Peace Arch Park 13 m
Quebec City of Quebec:
1. Ste-Foy: Jardin Van den Hen at Laval University
2. St. Jeanstreet
3. around the periphery of the community garden on rue Chapdelaine
The city of Q. planted Ginkgo trees on the side of many streets.
2. 20-30 trees
3. 1 tree
Toronto 1. many trees in streets and parks for instance downtown and several along the waterfront at the Exhibition grounds
2. University of Toronto: main campus
3. On Mount Pleasant cemetary
4. Toronto island in Lake Ontario just offshore from Toronto
5. midstreet boulevard on University Avenue near King Street
6. Avenue Road
7. Allan Gardens Park
8. Botanical garden
9. In front of Provincial government building, Wellesley street
2. many Ginkgos
3. 10 or more trees (1 female tree planted c. 1915)
4. several fairly large trees
5. female tree
6. many trees
7. 1 female tree
8. several trees
9. several trees
St. Catharines in front of courthouse next to Knox Presbyterian church 1 old tree
Victoria 1. Butcharts' garden
2. Burnside Rd.
3. Northcott Ave., private garden
1. 1 tree
2. 3 young trees
3. 1 tree
Newmarket Botsford, just West of Lorne 1 tree
Middle America
Mexico 1. Chapultepec Park, Mexico City.click for photo
2. Cuernavaca Morelos.
3. Parque: La Bombilla, Mexico city
1. c.24 (?) trees (also female) 
2. 10 young trees
3. 18 m, male

South America

Columbia Mid-Columbia also female trees
Chile 1. Concepción: Campus of the Concepción University
2. Plaza Victoria in Valparaiso
3. Plaza Parroquia in Vina del Mar
4. Parque Vergara in Vina del Mar
In Santiago:click for photo
in many streets/parks, for instance:
5. Isabel la Catolica-Manquehueclick for photo
6. Isabel la Catolica-Pillan
7. Museo Ferroviario (Railroad Museum) is located aside of a big park named Quinta Normal de Agricultura (Normal Country-set of Agriculture) where there is an avenue (two hundred meters long) with male and female Ginkgos
8. Universidad de Santiago (University of Santiago) is located
near the Quinta Normal and there are several Ginkgos, male and female
9. Plaza de Armas (the principal square in Santiago).
10. gardens former congress building
11. Parque del Recuerdo (Memorial Park), principal avenue from the main entrance to a lake
12. Parque San Borja
13. Ricardo Cox street, 1 block North of Isabel la Catolica street
14. Isabel la Catolica in front of Longopilla street, a little triangle park
15. Isabel la Catolica in front of Ricardo Cox street
16. Apoquindo Ave., south side of building no. 3898
17. Bernarda Morin square, close to Av. Salvador in Providencia Municipality
18. La Serena, Plaza de Armas
19. Talca, near hotel
20. San Felipe, main square
21. main square in San Fernandoclick for photo
1. trees of 25 m
2. 1 male + 1 female
3. 1 male + 1 female
4. 3 trees of c. 1975
5. 1 tree
6. 3 trees
7. several trees
8. several trees
10. 2 trees of which 1 of c. 1900
11. row of 70 trees of about 1978
12. 11 trees
13. 1 tree
14. 3 trees
15. 10 young trees
16. 1 female tree
17. 1 tall male tree
18. 1 tree
19. 1 tree, c.25 m
20. 1-2 trees, also female
21. 7 trees
Brazilclick for photo 1. Botucatu City (Sao Paulo State): Botanic garden university
2. Viçosa University (Minas Gerais State)
3. Ginkgo Farm in the Dom Pedrito city, RS
2. 15 m , about 1935, female
2. 1 tree
3. 11 male trees (1982)
Argentina 1. Buenos Aires: on squares, in parks, streets, walking lanes and gardens, especially at the Line of Libertador Gral. San Martín Avenue from North and South
2. La Plata: avenue to Museo de Ciencias Naturales
3. Libertador Gral. San Martín Avenue and Alvear Street,      Martínez, North Great Buenos Aires
4. Libertador Gral. San Martín Avenue and Vito Dumas street,  Punta Chica, North Great Buenos Aires
5. Punta Chica, Victoriaclick for photo
6. Buenos Aires: Moron, Boatti street
7. Buenos Aires: Hipólito Yrigoyen Ave.
8. Buenos Aires: Rivadavia Hospital Park
9. Villa del Parque Agro Facolty, Buenos Airesclick for photo
10. Buenos Aires: Fundacion Wilson, next to Nuestra Sonora de Fatima Church
11. where Figueroa Alcorta Av. begins, in Palermo Buenos Aires: Argentina Televisora Color (ATC), and at Plaza O'Higginsclick for photo
12. Balcarce street, Martinez (prov.of Buenos Aires)click for photo
13. Mendoza:1.  Italy Squareclick for photo; 2. Parque General San Martín; 3. Plaza España
14. Buenos Aires: Quilmes, streets surrounding Plaza Carlos Pellegrini
15. Pilar: main square
16. Buenos Aires: Plaza Constitución, park
17. Paraná (province of E.Rios), Plaza 1 de Mayo
18. Mar del Plata: Barili Museumclick for photo
19. San Isidro (north Buenos Aires)click for photo
20. Rosario: Bosque de la Memoria ("Memory Forest"), in homage to the detained disappeared during the late coup de etat. In 2009, Madres de Plaza de Mayo planted six Ginkgos there. 
21. Buenos Aires: Los Bosques de Palermo, Japanese garden
22. Buenos Aires: Barrio  de Palermo
23. Buenos Aires: Zoológico, República de la India 3000
2.  39 trees planted round 1895
3. c. 1900-1880
4. 11 years
5. many young trees
6. about 198 trees (on both sides of street)
7. many trees on both sidewalks for about 1 mile
8. 2 trees (male+female) of about 1920
9. 2 groups of 3 Ginkgos.
10. 1 tree in front and 1 tree at the back of the church
11. several large trees
12. 1 young tree
13. 1. 3 trees
14. many trees
15. many trees
16. 1 tree
17. 1 old tree
18. 1 male + 1 female tree
19. 1 tree
20. 6 trees
21. several trees
22. 1 tree?
23. several trees
Uruguay Montevideo:
1. Sarmiento Avenue 
2. Rodo Park
3. 9 de Junio street
1. many trees over at least 6 blocks of houses
2. many trees
3. many trees
Peru Lima:
UNALM (Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina), 1 tree in the botanic garden, and 3 or 4 more outside the university
trees c. 1975-1960, 15-25 m
globeChina (Asia)
Natural populations (wild Ginkgos) Read my History / Tree / Fossils-pages. 
Also locations mentioned in this China section.
Confirmed wild Ginkgo biloba: Valley and lower mountain slopes of Dalou Mountains (SW China) between Guizhou Province and Chongqing Municipality. Also eastern China: Tianmushan biosphere and southern China, e.g. Fujian.
forests in remote mountain valley in southeastern China on border between Zhejiang and Anhwei provinces (Tianmushan Biosphere Reserve between the Yellow Mountain and East China Seashore;  west of Hangzhou), Lin'an City, 119°24'-119°28'E;  30°18'-30°20'Nview photoclick for photo natural population growing on rich sandy soil, many multitrunked (chichi)
Southwest China: Guizhou province 1. Li Jiawan Grand Ginkgo King, c. 100 km west of Guiyang, biggest Ginkgo tree in the world (Guinness Book of World Records 1998)click for photo
2. Tuolo (near Panxian and Kunming) 104°32'E; 25°36'Nclick for photo
3. Wuchuan County, east of Mt Dalou, 107°53'E; 28°26'N. Growing on rocky slopes. Many multi-tronked growing from basal chichi.
4. Shanping, 106°48'E; 26°15'N
5. Tiantan village, Changshun county. The tree is nicknamed “Chinese Ginkgo King”.
6. Valley and lower mountain slopes of Dalou Mountains (SW China) between Guizhou Province and Chongqing Municipality.view photoclick for photo
1. 30 m, girth breast height 15.6 m, canopy c. 1,200 m2,  male, c. 4,000-4,500 years old
2. village with wild Ginkgos, about 1,100 old Ginkgos, also of about the year 1000
3. natural population of wild old Ginkgos
4. natural population of wild old Ginkgos
5. 4,000 year-old tree, female, girth 16.8 m, h. 50 m (data 2009)
6. confirmed wild Ginkgo biloba trees, (27°43'44"- 28°56'14"N; 107°15'53"- 108°04'46"E; altitude 840-1200 m a.s.l.).
Peking (Beijing) 1. on many places, for instance in parks and near main square
2. Botanical garden
3. Suburb south-west of Beijing: courtyard of Tanzhe Si (temple)
4. Dajuesi Temple at Xishan in hills northwest of Beijing
5. Lama temple click for photo
6. near the new shopping center close the Forbidden Cityclick for photo
7. Sanlitun Dong Wujie 
8. road in the north part of Ditan (Altar of Earth) Park at Andingmenwai Dajie (6421-4657). Enter from the west gate of Ditan Park and walk on to get there.
9. west gate of Peking University at 5 Haidian Lu, Haidian District 
10. lining a path inside Yonghegong Lama Temple at 12 Yonghegong Dajie near the entrance.
11. China National Library at 39 Baishiqiao, Haidian District
12. Tanzhesi Temple
13. Dabeisi Temple at Badachu Park
14. Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue, outside the east wall of Diaoyutai State Guest House on Sanlihe Lu in Xicheng District 
15. Tsinghua University: south gate
16. Guo Moruo former residence: 18, Qianhai Xijie Street.
17. Wanshou Temple near West Third Ring Road
18. Hongluo Temple: Huairou district.
1. usually several together
2. many trees, also a bonsai (penjing) of over 1,300 years old (2000)
3. 1,000 years old (2000), 27 m, called the 'King of Trees'
4. The  tree was alive when the original temple was built in 1068 during the Liao Dynasty (916-1125).
5. many trees
6. many trees
7. several trees
8. several trees
9. 2 large trees
10. several trees c.30 years
11. 2 trees, c. 1800
12. old tree
13. old tree
14. many trees
15. several trees
16. 1 tree. c. 1950
17. 1 old male + 1 female tree
18. 2 trees, c. 1050
Shanghai 1. Jiading district
2. throughout the city
3. Yu gardenclick for photo
1. 1,200 years old (2002), called '1st tree in Shanghai'
2. many (young?) trees
3. 1 large tree, c. 1600
Central China Shengnongjia district and Dahongshan mountains, Hubei and Sichuan provinces in the wild growing (?) on rich sandy soil, many multitrunked (chichi)

Ginkgo in Lengqi

1. Lengqi, Luding Xian
2. Chengdu: (The Ginkgo is the City tree of Chengdu.)
2.1 Near the Tianshi cave at the Qingcheng Mountainclick for photo
2.2 City center
2.3 campus of Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology
2.4 Jinjiang bonsai garden, inside the QingXi garden, Dujiangyan Cityclick for photo
1. 30 m, girth 12,4 m, 3th century, it is said to be planted by Zhu Geliang during his expedition to southern Sichuan during the Three Kingdoms
2.1: is said to be planted by a Taoist in the East-han dynasty (25-220 AD), so  more than 1,800 years old; with many chichi
2.2: Over 600 trees of over 100 years old (2005)
2.3 over 1,600 trees
2.4 many dwarf trees, also Ginkgo forest
Northern China: Ganzu . 60 m
Jiangxi Wannian district, Xiyuan village 30 old trees, all over 500 years old (2002). The oldest is 1,300 years old (2002), 25 m, diam. 2.25 m, female.
Liaoning 1. Yongxing Temple in Dalian
2. Dandong: 
2.1 in parks and along streets like Qijing Street,  Liuwei and Jiuwei street. 737 Ginkgo trees in the "Street of Ginkgoes".
2.2 Dagu Mountain Temple
1. 1 male tree, 28.91 m,  1,300 years (2004), planted in early Tang Dynasty (618-907), local folklore says the planter was the legendary general Yuchi Gong of the Dynasty + 1 female tree at c.100 m, c. 1700. Local people call them "husband and wife". 
2.1 5,000 trees, some of c. 1910 or older
2.2 1 old tree, c. 1880, h. 35 m
Guangxi Hai Yang Xiang, Guilin Cityclick for photo Rural scenery of Ginkgo forests of 1 million trees on 4 km2, c.1970-1950.
Planted in the fields or near cottages. The biggest is called 'The King of Ginkgo', 30 m.
Nanchuan County, Chongqing 1. Gold Buddha Mountain National Forest Park
2. Ginkgo Queen
3. southern slopes of Jinfo Mountain (Jinfo Shan) at the boundary of Chongqing Municipality and Guizhou Province, 28°56'N-29°04'N; 107°15'E
4. many trees along streets, parks etc. throughout Chongqing
5. Valley and lower mountain slopes of Dalou Mountains (SW China) between Guizhou Province and Chongqing Municipality.
1. natural botanical garden
2. about 2500 years old (2000), diam. 2-3 m,  growing in the 'wild'
3. natural population of wild Ginkgos
4. many trees, old and young
5. confirmed wild Ginkgo biloba trees, (27°43'44"- 28°56'14"N; 107°15'53"- 108°04'46"E; altitude 840-1200 m a.s.l.).
Shandong province 1. Dinlinsi Temple, Fulaishan, Juxian county
2. Yuquan Temple (or Gushan Temple), north foot of Gushan Mountain, north of Taishan mountain
3. Xincun town,Tancheng city.click for photo Also large plantation (leaves, seeds, seedlings, bonsai).
4. Dinglin Temple, Fulai mountain (Fulaishan), Juxian
5. Qufu: Confucius' home
6. Tancheng: Ginkgo plantation
1. more than 3,000 years old (2000), female, girth 4m, 27 m
2. old tree
3. 2,100 years old (2000), 37 m, girth 7,2, with grafted female branches
4. over 3,000 (3,500?) years (2000), female, c. 26 m, girth about 15,7 m
Libo county (southern suburbs) Maolan Karst Forest Natural conservation virgin forest
Hunan province 1. Panhu, Baoyacun village, Naxi district, Dongkouxian county
2. Liuyang, Changsha countyview photo
1. more than 3,500 years old (2002)
2. female tree over 1,000 years (2016), 30 m h.
Shaanxi province 1. Louguangtai, Zhouzhi county
2. Yan'an city, 600 km north of Xianclick for photo
3. Xian:
a. Renmin Square
b. park between carpark and Terracotta Warrior museum
c. Guanyin Temple in Luohandong village, famous tree, 30 km from Xi'an. view photo
1. 2,000 years old (2003)
2. many trees
3.a. several old trees
3.b. many trees
3.c. c. 1,400 years old (2017)
Zhejiang Province 1. Zhuji county, Yang Tang villageclick for photo
2. Yang village, Fuyang: from Tianfan to Dongwu, then to Xiwuclick for photo
3. Badujie of Changxing County
4. Ningbo:
a. close to Moon-lake Park in Ningbo cityclick for photo
b. Zhongshan Park
c. Tiantong Temple
d. Dongwu Town, Yinzhou District: Ningbo’s Top Ten Famous Trees
e. Maohuo Village
1. female, 33 m, girth 2.3 m
2. trees scattered in the landscape; a large tree at Tongwangdian
3. plantations
4.a. 1 large tree
4.b. several old trees
4.c. many trees
4.d. 1 old tree, planted c. 1200
4.e. many old trees
Fujian/Hebei/Henan/Jiangxi/Shanxi/Yunnan 1.Jiangxi Province: Yushan of Yongxiu County: temple
2. Longmenchang, Zhongxian village, Youxi county,  Fujian province
3. Yunnan: Jiangdong village, known as Ginkgo Village. The trees are distributed all around the village, guarding the gates of the locals' houses or in their backyards. 
All: cultivated Ginkgos below 2000 m
2. c. 300 trees, most over 700 years (c.1300)
3. c. 3,000 trees. Over 50 trees are c. 500 years old.
JiangSu Province
logo Nanjing Botanical garden
1. Liu Yuan (Lingering Garden/Lion Forest Garden) in Suzhouclick for photo
2. Nanjing Botanical garden Mem.Sun Yat-Sen
3. Lingshan: Buddha / Xiangfu Temple (by the
city of Wuxi), Xingtan Square
4. Taixin cityclick for photo
5. Pizhou city: nurseries, plantations and in parks
6. Taizhou: Dec. 28, 2012: Hu Jintao, president of the People's Republic of China, planted a Ginkgo tree on the campus of Taizhou High School. He is an alumnus of this school and Taizhou is the city where he was born and raised. view photo
7. Lianyungang: Ginkgo forest
1. old tree, 34 m, trunk diam. 1 m
2. several trees. The Ginkgo leaf is this garden's logo.
3. 1 female tree, c. 1,400 years (2007)
4. 100-years-old-Ginkgo plantation
5. many trees, also bonsai
6. 1 tree
7. many trees
Hebei Dingzhou City
Over 2,600 years (1999), 32 m, girth 4.3 m.
Hubei province 1. near temples, inside sites of historical interest and scenic beautyclick for photo, i.e. Luoyang of Suizhou City. 
2. Anlu Ginkgo Nature Reserve. Anlu is "Ginkgo biloba city". Manufactories of Ginkgo extract.
1. Many old trees; also many trees older than 500 or 1,000 years (2000).
2. many trees. 
Tai An Poe Tsjao temple ground very old specimens
Rizhao Dinglin temple over 3,500 years (1999), female, in very good health
Henan province 1. Shaolin temple, Songshan mountains, suburban Zhengzhouclick for photo
2. Xiaan of Xixia County
1. about 1,500 years old tree (2001). Monks tap on the tree's bark with their fingers before entering the temple which caused small holes in the bark.
2. natural population?
Guangdong Nanxiong, Shaoguan,  is named "the land of Ginkgo" over 500 trees

Hong Kong (Asia)

Hong Kong Central: Chater Garden 1 tree
Chinese University several trees
India (Asia)
Nainital at Naini Lake, Uttar Pradesh (Kumaon region, North India) Government House and Kumaun University campus
Ooty (South India) Government Botanical Garden; 1 tree of 50 years old (2004)
Dehra Dun Experimental Botanic Garden
Amritsar (Punjab, north west of India) Botanic garden of Guru Nanak Dev University, National Highway 1, Grand Trunk Road
Kashmir: Lal Mandi Kitchen Garden of the Agriculture Department. 1 male tree, c. 1800. In Lal Mandi are more Ginkgo trees, also female.
Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) garden Viceregal Lodge, Observatory Hill : 1 tree
Bhagalpur, Bihar Bhagalpur University Botanical Garden
Sagar, Madhya Pradesh Botanical Garden  "Dr H.S. Gour Vishwavidyalaya", University of Sagar
Solan, Himachal Pradesh Botanical Garden and Arboretum, Department of Forestry, Himachal Pradesh Krishi Visva Vidyalaya, SNS Nagar, Nauni
Darjeeling, West Bengal Lloyd's Botanical Garden, several trees
Kalpa, District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh below Circuit House, just below the road that leads to Hotel Kinner Villa: 1 large tree, c. 1950click for photo


Jerusalem 1. Jerusalem Botanical Gardens: collection of spice and medicinal plants
2. main street of one of the residential areas of North East Jerusalem (Givath Shapira)
1. 1 tree
2. c.40 trees on both sides of street (as an alley)
Beer Sheva (Negev desert) City Hall 1 tree, 10 m, 6" diam., planted in 1970 by the city agronomist Gideon Shutz.
Japan (Asia)
Hiroshima 1. Shukkeien garden, 1370 metres from the A-bomb hypocenter at Kaminobori-cho, Naka-ku. Just a short walk from JR Hiroshima Station; in the garden right of the pond, near low bridges. Planted c. 1800. view photo
2. temple Hosen-ji, 1130 metres from the hypocenter, 3-3 Tera-machi, Naka-ku., about a 15 minute streetcar ride from JR Hiroshima Station (Yokogawa line). Planted c.1850. International symbol.view photo
3. Josei-ji (temple), 15-22 Sumiyoshi-cho, Naka-ku.  1420 m from the blast. view photo
4. Anraku-ji (temple), 1-5-20 Ushita-honmachi, Higashi-ku , 2160 m from the blast. view photo
5. Senda Elementary School, near Miyukibashi (bridge) and Senda Park, 3-7 Senda-machi, Naka-ku, left of main entrance as you come in, squeezed between the fence and the gym. 1650 metres from the blast. view photo
There are two more surviving Ginkgo trees at the school's grounds (however without a plate): one near the back entrance and one at the far end of the playground, near the sandpit.
6. Myojoin-ji (temple), 1780 m from the blast. Between Tsuruhane-jinja and Nijistu-jinja. North of Hiroshima JR station and near Tokiwa-bashi Bridge. 2-6-25 Futaba-no-sato 2 chome, Higashi-ku. view photo
7. near Hiroshima City University
8. Tsutsuga temple
9. University Saijo Campus
1-6:These 6 Ginkgo trees survived the A-bomb in WWII (read my History-page)click for photoclick for photo
7. several young trees
8. 1,184 years old (2002)
9. 150 trees along Campus Boulevard (41 female)
Arai Arai Branchi Temple: Higashi-Honganji Buddhist Temple Ginkgos from 1685.
Ibaraki prefecture 1. Sairenji Temple, planted c.1000click for photo
2. Kashima Shrine
3. Syoumyouin
1/2. Ginkgos named living national treasures
3. c. 1500, Ohatsuki
Fukuoka 1. Kushidajinja, Hakataclick for photo
2. Hananoki-Izeki,  close to the river Ongaview photo
3. Jinguuin
4. Tonnoguchi-Watashiba
1. 1,000 years (2002), male
2. 1,000 years (2005), male, with chichi, girth 17.6 m, h. 28.4 m
3. Female tree,  c. 1200, 40 m,  girth 6.2 m
4. 2 male trees
Tokushima 1. Taisanjiclick for photo
2. Chofukujiclick for photo
3. Jonichiji, Himiclick for photo
1. c.1200, female
2. c. 1550, male, ohatsuki rappa
3. 1,400 years (2002), female
Kagoshima Miyaurajinjaclick for photo 1,000 years (2001), pair
Sapporo Hokkaido University, Ginkgo Avenue 380 m long avenue with 70 trees of about 1930


Yukinoshita 2-chome, next to Hachiman Shrine at the left hand side of the flight of steps.

Once a year a new shimenawa (cord made of rice straw) is tied round the trunk of this tree to indicate its sacred character. First blessed by a Shinto priest the thick and large cord is carried to the tree by 15 men.


1,000 years or older (2002); c. 35 m, girth 6 m. 
Sanetomo Minamoto, the Third Shogun, was stabbed to death in 1219 by his nephew Kugyo Minamoto, then the chief of the Shrine, who hid behind this Ginkgo tree and attacked Sanetomo with a sword when he was about to enter the Main Hall to attend a ceremony to receive one of the highest official titles conferred by the Imperial Court in Kyoto. Historians analyze that Sanetomo paid too much attention to the Kyoto culture and played up to the Imperial Court, which had authorization to grant official court titles. As a result, Sanetomo was promoted too quickly and this made Kugyo jealous. Secondly, Kugyo thought that had Sanetomo not been there, Kugyo himself would have succeeded to the Shogunate chair as the first son of Yoriie. However, the exact cause of the assassination is not quite clear. Some say it was an conspiracy plotted by Hojo clans. Right after the assassination Kugyo himself was also killed by Sanetomo's guards.
Update March 2010: Due to bad weather this tree broke down at the foot of the trunk. Part of the tree is transplanted c.7 m west of its original place. Regrowth of roots is expected to happen. Read more on my blog.
Aomori Prefecture, Northern Honshu 1. Kita Kanegasawaclick for photo
2. Iwasaka no meoto ichou
3. Hiroraki Castle Park
1. symbol tree: over 1,000 years (1999), girth 22 m, 40 m
2. 1 old tree, girth 11.4 m, height 23 m
3. 1 large tree, c. 1700
Nagasaki . .
Chitose, Kameoka City Tamba Kokubunji Temple Ruinsview photo 'Chichi Icho' (many chichi), 'Ohatsuki Icho' (seeds grow on the leaves), this tree is a natural monument of Kameoka City
Hida Takayama  Kokubunji Temple  1200 years old (2001)
Aomori prefecture, Northern Honshu Tenjinsama no ichou 20 m, girth 10 m
Hiroshima prefecture, West Honshu Chichikudari no ichou 18 m, girth 9.6 m, about 700 years (2001)
Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku Chichidashi no ichou 35 m, girth 11.8 m, about 1,200 years (2002)
Fukushima prefecture, Northern Honshu 1. Akai no ichou
2. Shirohata Shrine
3. Kitakata Shingu Kumano Shrine. 2258, Kumano, Shingu-aza, Keitoku-mahci
1. 29 m, girth 9 m, 500 years (2000)
2. c. 1700
3. c. 1400
Yamaguchi 1. garden of Ryuzoji temple
( Joumannji Temple?)
2. Shouenji-Templeclick for photo
1. 1,000 years old (2002), female, 50 m, girth 18 m. Tallest in Japan.
2. Ghost Ginkgo, female, c.1000, girth 7.85 m
Miyagi prefecture, Northern Honshu 1. Nigatake no ichou
2. Furukawa elementary school
3. Kimyouin Temple, Matsushima
4. Ryutakuji Temple, Matsushima
5. Amagoclick for photo
6. Shiratori Shrine
7. Marumori
8. Nahe Marumori
1. 32 m, girth 7-8 m, about 1,000 years (1999)
2. 1 tree, c. 1700
3. c. 1750
4. 1 large tree
5. planted c.1400
6. 1 tree
7. c. 1350
9. 1 old tree
Miyazaki prefecture, Southern Kyushu Sarukawa no ichouclick for photo 50 m, girth 11.2 m, about 1,000 years (2001), one of the tallest of Japan, female
Kyushu 1. Arita, Saga-ken
2. Saga prefecture, Karatsu, Omura Shrine
1. male tree of 1,000 years (2002)
2. planted c. 1700, 30 m
Aomori prefecture, Northern Honshu Koyasu ichou 26 m, girth 11.6 m, 700 years (2000)
Toyama prefecture, Mid-Honshu Jyounichiji no ichouclick for photo 36 m, girth 12 m, 1,300 years (2001), largest female in Japan
Hyougo Prefecture 1. IOU temple in Hyougo near Osakaclick for photo
2. Kansai area, Onaza, Jyouryuuji (temple)click for photo
3. Close to a temple,  Toyooka, Takeno-cho, Kuwanomotoview photo
1. 'Rappa ichou', female, rare tree, natural monument because of the trumpet-like leaf form
2. tree called  'Onaza no Ooityou' or 'Jyouryuuji no Ooityou'. A monk named Houdou  planted it 1,300 years ago (2002); with chichi.
3. Height 48 m, girth 9.9 m, planted c. 1650.
Natural monument.
Kumamoto 1. parkview photo
2.  Kumamoto Castle (also called 'Ginnan Castle')view photo
1. 1,000 years old male tree (2002), 25 m, girth 10 m
2. male, planted by Kato Kiyomasa in 1600, burnt down in 1877, later lateral shoot grew from basal trunk (now 20 m)
Yakuno Otoshi Jinja Shrine, Koaza Nakanomori Aza Chihara 100s of years old (2002)
Nagano Prefecture 1. Ikusaka: natural monument (website)
2. Kobe, Mizuho, Iiyama-shi. Natural monument. view photo
1. planted c. 1200, with many chichi
2. planted c. 1500, with many chichi. 36 m, girth 11.2 m.
Oita Prefecture




Over 1,000 years (1999). Around 730 high priest Gyoki visited it and prayed to Jizo, a Buddhist saint, and a breast-shaped gem appeared on a branch of this Ginkgo tree. He received inspiration that this should be sacred. After that local people built a shrine by the tree and enshrined the wooden image of Jizo-bosatsu carved by Gyoki. Three festivals are held (in spring, summer and autumn). Each year 1,500,000 pious people visit the then displayed Jizo-son image which is thought to be readily responsive to prayer.
Tokyo many parks/avenues (Tsukuba, etc.). Around 65,000 Ginkgos are planted as street trees.click for photo
Tokyo symbol
Ginkgo tree symbol of Tokyo Metropolitan area. Many trees (also other trees) are pruned into a small size because of toppling during the typhoon season in autumn.
In parks the G. tree is often seen together with the crane. The Ginkgo and the crane are a symbol of peace and friendship in Japan.
Tokyo 1. Nezu Shrine, Tsutsuji street
2. Metropolitan Takehaya High School, Kaduga street
3. Hongo street, avenue in front of University of Tokyo
4. Temple Ueno Park
5. Pagode Tojo Park
6. Tobiki Inari shrineclick for photo
7. Ome city: Ishi shrine
8. Zenpuku-ji Temple south of the Ichinohashi Crossing in Azabu Jubanview photo
9. Shinjuku Imperial Gardens
10. Hibiya Park
11. Ginkgo avenue, former Yasuda Hall, University of Tokyo
Logo University of Tokyo
12. Botanic garden 'Todaifuzoku' (University of Tokyo)view photo
13. Meiji Jingu Gaien avenue (outer precinct of Meiji Jingu Shrine)
14. Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa
2. 1866
3. large tree on campus
6. 600 years old (2003). This tree was badly burnt by a bomb in WOII but is still alive today.
7. old female tree with chichi
8. 1 large old tree, h.20 m, girth 9 m. Temple legend has it that Shinran,  the apostle of Pure Land Buddhism, visited Zenpuku  in c. 1250. He planted his walking stick in the courtyard and a wonder happened, for it grew into a large Ginkgo tree.
9. several large trees
10. 400 years (2002)
11. Ginkgo leaf is symbol of this university + the design of university flags and badges.
12. Female. Here Sakugaro Hirase first discovered the spermatozoids of the Ginkgo in seeds in 1896.
13. 146 trees
14. many trees
Hachioji Hachioji is situated 40 km west of Tokyo: Koshu Highway from Oiwake intersection to Takao station 768 trees on both sides of the highway; these Ginkgos were planted in 1927 on the occasion of the reconstruction of the Tuma Mausoleum by emperor Taisho. The Ginkgo is the city tree. Each fall an Icho festival is held (mid-November).
Kyoto 1. In front of Nishi-Honganji temple and Higashi-Honganji temple + in park of Kyoto Gosho (Imperial Palace)
2. Botanical gardenclick for photo
1. old specimens
2. several trees
Osaka 1. UniversityLogo University of Osakalogoclick for photo
2. Midosuji Boulevard (Sculpture street)click for photoview photo
Midosuji Blvd.
1. Icho-festival + many trees on campuses + logo University is a Ginkgo leaf.
2. 900 Ginkgo trees of 1937 in a row of 4.5 km. Illuminated Dec.15th to the 31st. Osaka prefectural tree.
Tsu-shima  Kin Beach over 1,500 years (1999), male
Sendai Ichomachi, Miyagino Ward, Sendai, Miyagi 600 years (1999), one of the largest of Japan
Horyo on the hill (Zenshoji temple) of Fuchisawa village about 1,000 years (1999), 30 m, male, planted by Nansobo
Azaokunobe Fukuchi Yama City Yakushi-nyorai, Choan-ji temple Goreiboku=the "Nursing Ginkgo" tree, called religious and god symbol by locals.
Yazu County Koge town Ohatsuki icho.
North and West of Tokyo many locations with old trees Website with 101 great photos by Hiroshi Takahashi
Tottori Dainichiji temple, in old grave with Gorintou.click for photo female, 1200 years (1999), 30 m
Nara, Gose Ichigon shrineclick for photo male tree, 1,200 years (1999), with chichi
Shiga-ken 1. Amakawanomikoto Shrine
2. Ichoudera, Seikanji Temple
3. Toumonin Temple
1. Male tree, c.1700, 32m, girth 5.7 m
2. Female tree, c. 1400
3. Ohatsuki, female tree, 1400
Okayama-ken Buppouji temple Male tree, c. 1650, 25m, girth 4.1 m
Hyougo-ken 1. Dainichidou-shrine
2. Iouji Temple
3. Koushindou
1. Pair:  male + female tree,  c.1700, 25 m, girth 6.2 m
2. Rappa Ginkgo, female, c.1700, 20 m, girth 6 m
3. Ohatsuki tree, female, c.1600, 37 m, girth 5.9 m
Gifu-ken Eihoji Templeclick for photo male tree, c. 1350
Okayama-ken 1. Daishouji Temple
2. Tanjouji Templeclick for photo
1. 2 male trees, c. 1600
2. Hounen ´s Sakasa-Ginkgo, female, 1140
Takahama, Fukui Sugimori Shrine 2 female Ohatsuki trees, 36 + 39 m
Chiba 1. Kousyouji Temple cemeteryclick for photo
2. Tomisaki Shrine
1. old tree, planted c.1000
2. old tree
Aichi 1. Ochibe, Asukeclick for photo
2. Academy of Arts
3. Inazawa: Sobue village has over 10,000 Ginkgo trees. Nov/Dec: Ginkgo festival.
1. planted 1600-1800
2. 1 young tree
3. Over 10,000 trees, some over 200 years old
Tochigi 1. Ohnodou
2. Tokakushi Temple
3. Kannonji Temple
4. Bannaji Temple
5. Shiroyama Park. It is said that, at the fall of Gion Castle, when the princess threw herself into a dry well to kill herself rather than be taken, her soul transformed into this ginkgo. 
1. 1 tree, planted c. 1600
2. c. 1650
3. c. 1620
4. very old huge tree
5. 1 huge tree
Yamanashi prefecture Minobusan: temple Hongoku-Jiview photo c. 1300. "OHATSUKI" tree (seed attached to leaf), girth 6,6 m, h.23 m
Kawara Town near Jinguin Templeclick for photo + in town itself old trees near temple + many trees in town
Yokohama Yamashita Park Avenue (next to Yamashita Park) many trees
South Korea (Asia)
The climate of the Korean Peninsula from Chejudo Island at the southern edge to Songjin in Hamgyong-do Province (now in North Korea) is ideal for the Ginkgo. Nineteen of the older Ginkgo trees have been designated as "natural monuments" and 813 are protected as ancient living trees.  No natural habitat of the Ginkgo has yet been discovered in Korea, backing up the conjecture that it was brought in from China. The exact time of its introduction is not known, but it was probably brought in with the spread of Buddhism and Confucianism. The monks who traveled to and from China must have picked up seeds from the trees growing near Buddhist temples and planted them in Korea. The ancient Ginkgo trees near various Korean Buddhist temples are believed to have been planted at that time. It was customary for the Chinese to plant Ginkgo trees in front of a Confucius shrine, which was then called Haengdan or "Ginkgo Shrine". It is easy to imagine that Korean scholars who visited China followed their example and also planted them at shrines of Confucius in Korea. The Ginkgo tree at the Confucian shrine at Songkyunkwan University supports this idea.
Another good clue as to when Ginkgo was first introduced to Korea is the Ginkgo tree at Yongmunsa Temple in Yangp'yong, Kyonggi-do Province.
Yongmunsa temple, Yangpyeong , Gyeonggi Province
view photo

Ginkgo at Yongmun-san temple

42 m, girth 15 m, planted c. 860, natural monument no. 30.
It is said to have been planted by Prince Maui Taeja, the last crown prince of the Shilla Kingdom (57 B.C.-A.D. 935). He is thought to have planted it while on his way to Mt. Kumgangsan out of grief at having lost his country. Others say that the cane planted by an eminent monk, Uisang of Shilla, grew into this tree.
This Ginkgo is worshipped as a Divine Tree which is responsible for many mysterious deeds and which has witnessed countless events through the passage of the years. Once in the past, when somebody used a saw to try to cut it down, blood is said to have dripped from the spot and the clear sky suddenly darkened and thunder rumbled so that the person stopped immediately. The Yongmunsa Temple was damaged and destroyed many times in the past, but the tree itself has never been harmed. During a battle against Japan in 1907, three years preceding Japan's annexation of Korea, the Japanese burned the temple to the ground because they thought it was the center of the resistance movement, but no harm befell the tree. As the Four Devas (the four heavenly guardians of Buddhism) Building burned down at the time, the tree came to be worshipped as the Heavenly King Tree. 
It is said that this tree makes strange sounds or gives other indications when an event of national importance is about to take place. For instance, when King Kojong passed away, a large branch dropped off as if it had been cut by a knife. The tree is also said to have made strange sounds for two months before Korea was liberated from Japan, for 50 days preceding the outbreak of the Korean War and at the time of the April 19th Student Uprising in 1960 and the May 16 military coup d'etat in 1961. 
Séoul Ginkgo is city tree symbolizing S.'s development and prosperity.
1. Sungkyunkwan University (symbol Ginkgo leaf): campus. 2 large trees (Monument No. 59). Planted in 1519 by Yun-tak (ex-president of the Old Sungkyunkwan); they hold symbolic meaning in Confucianism because Confucius is said to have loved reading, pondering, and teaching his disciples under a ginkgo tree. These trees also represent longevity and enlightenment, both held important in Korean culture.
2. Gwanghwamun street (from the main gate of Gyeongbokgung to the block just before City Hall): many old trees
Hwasun, Chollanam-do The Ginkgo tree at Kumsan, Ch'ungch'ongnam-do, Natural Monument No. 84, and the Ginkgo tree at Hwasun, Natural Monument No. 303, are considered sacred trees which forewarn of any great changes in the country.
Yongwol, Kangwon-do Province Natural Monument No. 76, is said to house a sacred snake
Wonju, Kangwon-do Natural Monument No. 167, is said to house a white snake
Chinchon-gun: Noyeun-ri Naeyoul-myon 800 years (2002), natural monument
Koesan-gun: Upnae-ri Chongahn-myon 980 years (2001), girth 7.1 m, nat.monument No.165. Is said to house a snake with ears.
Yonggye: Yonggye-ri, Kilan-myon, Andong-shi 750 years (2002), 31 m, girth 14 m, one of the biggest of S.Korea, National monument no.175
Youngdong-gun: Nukyo-ri Yangsan-myon (near Yongguksa temple) 35m, girth 10.8 m, 700 years (1999), nat.monument
Somewhere ? 2,200 years old (2001)
Gyeonggido, near Mt. Yongmunsan, E. Séoul about 1,400 years (2002), 61 m, girth 14 m
MunMyo, Seonggyungwan University (Confucian Academy) 1519, 2 trees (male+female), are shoots from the original Confusian grove in Qufu, China. Planted by Yun Tak. The Ginkgo is the University's symbol.
near Gangjin-gun, a city in the South-Jeolla provinceclick for photo Under this Ginkgo tree the Dutchman Hendrick Hamel,a sailor who was shipwrecked and held captive in Korea between 1653 and 1666, is supposed to have been sitting during his imprisonment. He was the first Westerner to write about Korea. The tree must have been already 450 years old at that time. 
Gumi-city in the South Gyeongsang provinceclick for photo  rows of trees in the industrial area
Mungyeong many Ginkgos along streets
Cholwon county, Kangwon Province nearly 1,000 years old (2001), 21 m, girth 10.3 m
Anbul Temple, Tonghung-ri of Kumya County, South Hamgyong Province c. 2,100 years old (2005), 42 m, girth 15.5 m, female, natural monument
Gyeongsangbuk-do:  Buseoksaclick for photo The Temple of the Floating Stone, many trees
Nongso-2ri Okseong-myeon Gumi Seonsan Nongso Ginkgo,  c. 25 m. Natural monument no. 225. This tree was planted by Mr. Eom in about 1600 (or 1400?). The villagers hold a ceremony for this tree on every 15th of the New Year according to the lunar calendar. 
Yogwang-ri, Chubu-myeon, Geumsan countyview photo Planted c. 1000, Natural Monument No. 84, h.21 m, girth c. 15 m.
An ancestor of the Oh clan who lived in the village as the governor of Jeolla Province, built a pavilion under this Ginkgo tree, and named it "the ginkgo tree pavilion." After the pavilion became dilapidated, the village inhabitants built a new, hexagonal pavilion called "Haengjeon" after the pavilion that once stood nearby.. With its broken branches, the village inhabitants made dining tables and 37 coffins over 3 years. The crown appears damaged from strong local winds, having lost several large branches in 1905, 1925, and post-liberation. Several branches are now secured to the trunk with cables, and a cavity in the lower part of the trunk has also been filled. 
Since this tree has roared when there is an accident or big event in the village or the country, it is considered  a guardian deity.
Odae-san Mountain, Hongcheon, Gangwon province foothills of Odae Mountain: Ginkgo forest of  43 thousand square meters. Trees planted c. 1983. Tourist attraction.
Jeonju Hanok 1. many Ginkgo lined streets, trees planted c. 1500. They stood here throughout the history of the Chosun Dynasty and are the symbol of Confucianism in Jeonju. These trees were planted in Hyanggo as a prayer that the politicians who studied in Hyanggo would not become corrupt when they enter their bureaucratic career. It is said that when Choi Dam, who was one of the founding fathers of the Chosun Dynasty, retired to Jeonju, he planted ginkgo trees in the front yard of Jeonju Choi’s head family when he built a school here. 
2. old Ginkgo, c. 1400
Jindo, South Jeolla Province Baedong Mugunghwa Island Park, 4.16 kilometers away from Paengmok Port: Sewol Memorial Forest, over 300 trees. Memorial forest commemorating the victims of the Sewol ferry that sank in 2014, 304 victims. view photo

Union of Myanmar (Asia)

Pyin Oo Lwin, Maymyo (City of May): Kandawgyi gardens 1 tree

Nepal (Asia)

Kathmandu 1. About 70 trees throughout the city. Most of them are located in a botanical garden, near palaces and other non-public facilities. In 2003 two Nepalese NGOs called Love Green Nepal (LGN) and Save the Environment Foundation (SEF) initiated the planting of Ginkgos in Kathmandu. They planted about 300 Ginkgo trees in the periphery of the Open Parade Ground called Tundikhel. This is the first mass plantation of Ginkgo trees in Nepalese history.
2. Nepalese  Army  headquarters
3. Gokarna: golf course
4. Tribhuvan: Army officers golf course
Kharipati Nepalese Army training centre

Pakistan (Asia)

Punjab - Lahore Government College University Lahore, Botanic Garden(GCBG)

Singapore (S.E.-Asia)



1. Taipei: National Taiwan University: campus - 1 tree of about 1968click for photo
2. Nantou County: forest about 150 trees of about 1932, planted by the Experiment Farm of National Taiwan University
3. Chutsun village in the Hsipao mountainous region: 1 tree, 1.5 m girth, h.20 m, c.1900. Oldest in Taiwan. Brought from Japan to Chutsun by a policeman.


Muong village, Phieng Luong commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province: Van Xuan agriculture and forestry development centre: many trees are cultivated here.


Algiers Jardin d'Essai du Hamma several trees
globeSouth Africa (Africa)
Port Elizabeth Doncaster Road, just across the road from St. George's Park 1 tree, c. 1952, about 7 m, female?
Pretoria 1. in a part of Vermeulenstreetclick for photo
2. Pretoriusstreetclick for photo
3. Bosmanstreetclick for photo
1. about 35 trees (also female)
2/3. several trees
Kwa-Zulu Natal Royal Natal National Park, female tree near old derelict hotel near the Mahai camp, at the foot of Drakensberg Mountain Rangeclick for photo 1 old female tree at GPS coordinates South 28.69032 East 28.95202.
Another tree at ?
George, Eastern Cape Fancourt Hotel 1 tree
Capetown 1. Botanical garden Kirstenbosch
2. Stellenbosch Botanical Garden
1. 1 tree
2. 1 old tree


Adelaide, South Australia 1. 106 Kingston Terrace, about 100 years
2. Old Botanic Gardens (downstream from Top Lake), female, has a metal collar to prevent possums to climb up the tree, probably for the seeds
3. Grove of young trees (downstream from bridge Moreton Bay Fig Road/First Creek)
4. Royal Adelaide Botanic Gardens, just passed the Morton Bay walkway: several treesclick for photo
5. University of Adelaide, North Terrace; one very tall specimen in a courtyard garden (Medole Court) between the Horace-Lamb building and the Architecture building + two young ginkgos between the Mathematics building and the Engineering North building.
6. Himeji Japanese Garden, South Terrace, several treesclick for photo
7. TAFE SA, Urrbrae, 1 young tree
8. Magil Road
9. Wyndbourne Park, Forest Range near Adelaide, several trees
10. Mount Lofty Botanic Garden, near Adelaide
11. Rundle Street, East End, several trees
12. Barnard street, several trees
Geelong (near Melbourne), Botanic garden Heritage tree Australia's National Trust, 1859, female with grafted male branch.
Geelong, near Town Hall 2 trees
Melbourne 1. Campus University of M., 12 trees incl. 1 femaleclick for photo
2. Sherbrooke (near Melbourne): Alfred Nicholas Gardens. 3 trees.
3. Reservoir public library, in front garden: 1 tree
4. St Georges Rd, East Brunswick: 1 large tree in a front garden
5. Box Hill: in front of the Whitehorse City Council building, Whitehorse Road, 2 trees of 1979 (20 m apart)
6. Fitzroy Town Hall at 126 Moor St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, entrance to Fitzroy Legal Service, 2 trees
7. outside Chinatown, near 50 Little Bourke St, 7 trees
8. 41 Irving Road, Toorak, 1 tree
Sydney 1. Sydney University, Botany Building, Science Road
2. in front of Royal Australian College of Physicians building, Macquarie street, 2 trees
3. Hyde Park near St. James Station, 1 tree of c. 1900
Canberra 1. Australian National University, several trees of c. 1972
2. suburbs of Belconnen: single trees at Crace Street, Weetangera; Denny Street, Latham; Lightfoot Crescent, Florey; Ryle Place, Flynn; Jauncey Place, Charnwood and Bazley Street.
3. Tuggeranong: Greenway (7 trees); Babinda Place, Isabella Plains; Rohan Street, Richardson (4 trees); Upton Street, Monash (5 trees); and Dennys Place, Macarthur (3 trees).
Tasmania 1. “The Gorge” in Launceston, at the kiosk site: 1 old large tree
2. gardens of the Albert Hall, Tamar Street, Launceston: 1 male + 1 female tree
Armidale 1. Saumarez Homestead:1 female tree in garden (White family), c. 1880, girth 5.4 m, h.18 m
2. Moore Street, several trees
3. Taylor Street, several trees
4. Marsh Street, 1 tree
5. Geological Sciences Building Courtyard (centre), University of New England, 1 tree
 Mount Gambier Barn Palais Gardens, 1 tree

globeNew Zealand

Wellington ? Government house, garden Ginkgo biloba 'Pendula'
Christchurch 167 Wairakei Road, which is owned by the Church Missionary Society. 
This is the largest of its kind in Christchurch, being 17m tall with a trunk diameter of 88cm.
Christchurch has many Ginkgo trees of 1880-1850. 
Wanganui 1. east side of the river
2.  west side of town. On the grounds of a resthome for the elderly.
1. Whole street with male and female trees.
2. 2 male trees
Auckland  1. Auckland City: Princes St, alongside the University of Auckland
2. The Domain (park), Grafton
1. 7 trees, also female, about 9 m
2. 1 large tree, about 1900
Cambridge 1. Hamilton Road
2. Railway Reserve
1. 1 old tree
2. 1 tree
Palmerston North (North Island) 1. Pastoral Lane Road Reserve
2. Overhanging 9 Pastoral Lane
3. 40 Pahiatua St
1. 1 tree
2. 1 tree
3. 1 tree
Hastings Frimley Park several male and female trees
Otumoetai Tauranga grounds of St. John's Anglican church 2 male trees
Queenstown Otago South Island:
1. Queenstown Gardens view photo
2. Lake Wakatipu at Walter Peak Station
1. young tree 2. 1 tree c. 1890
Marlborough and the Bay of Plenty Hawke's Bay, Nelson plantation of  650,000 trees (Disability Training Services H.B. Trust Board/Nature Green Ltd)
New Plymouth Pukekura Park: Maranui Gully near the List Street gardensview photo 1 old female tree, 1880
Leamington Shakespeare Street 1 large tree in garden
Bay of Islands (Northland) Pakaraka Church grounds 1 tree
Kaeo on Kaeo Primary School grounds, State Highway 10 1 tree

Please email me if you know Ginkgo trees in your area/country etc. preferably with details about them.

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