Kumamoto castle (photo Sando Tomoki)
Kumamoto castle 2 (photo Sando Tomoki)


Ginkgo biloba, male, planted by General Kato Kiyomasa in 1600 at the then built castle.
This tree (and the castle)  was burnt down in 1877 (Satsuma Rebellion  in the Meiji era),
later a  lateral shoot grew out of the basal trunk (now 20 m).
The castle is also called 'Ginnan Castle' because of the Ginkgo tree. In late fall many people come to see the place to enjoy the  beautiful contrast between the yellow of the Ginkgo leaves and the black and white of the castle.

Location: Kumamoto Castle, Kyushu, Japan

Photos © and taken by my Ginkgo-friend Sando Tomoki.

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