Ginkgo biloba wood


piece of Ginkgo wood
piece of  wood
choppingboards (photo Sando Tomoki, Japan)
Choppingboards made of Ginkgo wood, Japan
Photos courtesy Sando Tomoki
chopping board (photo Sando Tomoki)

carved Ginkgo wood (photo Colin Swales)
carved Ginkgo wood (photo Colin Swales)
Ginkgo wood carving (photo Will Schropp)
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Ginkgo wood carving
by Will Schropp, the Netherlands

carved Ginkgo wood done by craftsmen in Suzhou, China
photos taken by Colin Swales in Portland Classical Chinese Garden, Oregon
(Suzhou is Portland's 'sister' city)

Guitar made of Ginkgo wood.  Read more on my blog.

ricebowl (photo Cor Kwant)

Rice bowl made of Ginkgo wood

petrified Ginkgo wood

petrified Ginkgo from Vantage, WA., 
17 cm diam.
More info on my Fossils-page.

Ginkgo petrified wood Arizona (photo Cor Kwant)
larger image

petrified Ginkgo wood, 
6 x 7 cm, limb cross section, Arizona
More info on my Fossils-page.

Ginkgo biloba crystals in wood
crystals (druses) in wood
(microscopic photo)
Ginkgo biloba crystals in bark
many crystals (druses) in bark
(microscopic photo)

microscopic photos  © K. Verbeeck - HCTO, Antwerp (Belgium)

Ginkgo biloba stem cross section

Ginkgo stem cross section
microphoto by Anatoly Mikhaltsov

More info about Ginkgo wood on my Tree-page and Fossils-page.

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