Ginkgo leaves/seeds, Brasserie l'Excelsior, Nancy (photo Cor Kwant)


Ginkgo biloba
 Art Nouveau in  l’Ecole de Nancy

Nancy was the centre of the Art Nouveau movement (New Art) in France starting at the end of the 19th century inspired particularly by Japonisme. The Ecole de Nancy’s interpretation of Art Nouveau consisted of nature depicted with fierce realism, whereas elsewhere it was more abstract and refined or absent.
The leaves and seeds of the Ginkgo were one of the patterns used.
During my visit to Nancy in 2001 I took photos of some buildings and objects showing Ginkgo leaves/seeds .

Ginkgo leaves and seeds, BNP Nancy (photo Cor Kwant)

metal bands on pilasters
with Ginkgo leaves at the entrance 
by Louis Majorelle

Also Ginkgo leaves on front, railings, doorhandles and balustrades.

Banque National de Paris
(former Bank Renauld)
9 Rue Chanzy
(Architects Emile André/Paul Charbonnier)

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Rue Victor Hugo, Nancy (photo Cor Kwant)


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La Maison Ginkgo biloba
35 Rue Victor Hugo:
Ginkgo leaves on stone consoles and roof

(in the same rue at no. 16: Jardin Realise, 1 female Ginkgo tree,
about 1900, 15 m)

Daum (photo Cor Kwant) Daum-collection:
glassware with Ginkgo leaves (1900-1920)
Musée des Beaux Arts, 
3 Place Stanislas

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Rue St. Dizier, Nancy (photo Cor Kwant)
iron Ginkgo leaves on door and door-handle

24 Rue St.-Dizier 
(Déon/Jacques Gruber)

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8 stained-glass windows painted by Jacques Gruber with Ginkgo leaves and seeds.

Brasserie l’Excelsior Flo,
1910. 3 rue Mazagran.
Historical monument.
Arch. Lucien Weissenburger/Alexandre Mienville. 
Furnishing, stucco fern decoration, light: Louis Majorelle.

l 'Excelsior, Nancy (photo Cor Kwant)
Video below:

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detail Louis Majorelle banisters with ginkgo leaf design (photo Cor Kwant)
Louis Majorelle

Banisters with Ginkgo leaf design 'Monnaie-du-pape' 
Louis Majorelle, Majorelle Freres, Jean Keppel (ironwork) 

design 1903, Nancy 

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mosaic Pharmacie du Ginkgo, Nancy (photo Cor Kwant)

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Pharmacie du Ginkgo

interior decoration by Louis Majorelle, 
architect Paul Charbonnier

38 Rue des Dominicans,  Nancy



Ginkgo leaves on top of the entrance door to The Ecole de Nancy Museum -
Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy - dedicated to Nancy Art Nouveau
36-38, rue du Sergent Blandan, Nancy
Jacques Gruber, c. 1900

Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy

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Rue Charles III, Nancy (photo Cor Kwant)

cat with Ginkgo leaves
on facade of 97 Rue Charles III (architect Georges Biet)


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