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Last updates:
* New topic: The Ginkgo Tweets: 1500+ followers on Twitter!

* Two new supersized photos on my Photospecial page: Ginkgo tree Hortus botanicus Leiden, 1785 + female branch.

* New topic: Video of transplanting 750-year-old Yonggyeri Ginkgo tree in South Korea.

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* New supersized Photo of the Month on photospecial page: Raindrops on Ginkgo leaf.
* New Photo of the Month on photospecial page: Sprouting Ginkgo seeds.
* Added to my Art-page: woodblock print of 'Miss Ginkgo', Edo period.
* New Photo of the Month on photospecial page: My Ginkgo seedlings.
* New topic: Cretaceous stick insect fossil mimics Ginkgo foliage.
* New topic: New Ginkgo cultivars and names list.
* New Photo of the Month on photospecial page: Huge ginkgo in Winston-Salem, NC.
* New topic: The Ginkgo Tweets: 1000+ followers on Twitter!
* New Photo of the Month + video on photospecial page:   Ginkgo trees in Amsterdam in fall.
* Added photo of Ginkgo in St. Petersburg, Russia.
*Added on my Usage-page: music video of popular nursery song Ginkgo biloba.
* New Photo of the Month on photospecial page:   Ginkgo leaves with green edges.
* Update of Art Nouveau and Ginkgo in Nancy : new photos Banque de Paris (door handle) and Museum Ecole de Nancy.
* New Photo of the Month on photospecial page:   Art Nouveau entrance door to Ecole de Nancy Museum adorned with Ginkgo leaves .
* New Photo of the Month on photospecial page:   Ginkgo leaf with raindrops.
* Added Ginkgo tree photos: USA - Wissinoming Park, Philadelphia, PA + UK - Kinnersley Castle, Herefordshire.
* Update of Fossils-page : picture gallery: Ginkgo adiantoides, Unterwohlbach Formation, South Germany.
* New photo photospecial page:   X-ray image of Ginkgo leaf nerves by Albert C. Koetsier.
* New comment by reader: germinating seeds.
* Added: new profile photo on several pages.
* New photo photospecial page:   Old Ginkgo with witches broom in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
* Added video on my Art-page of Ginko carbon table by Ross Lovegrove.
* New photo photospecial page:   15 Ginkgo trees, Bologna, Italy.
* New topic: Ginkgo makes it to Yale.
* Added on Where-page: photo weeping Ginkgo with chichi: Peoria, Illinois
* Article added on my Fossils-page:  - Chung-Shien Wu, et al. Chloroplast Phylogenomics Indicates that Ginkgo biloba Is Sister to Cycads.
* Added on my Literature-page: "Evidence and Rational Based Research on Chinese Drugs" by Hildebert Wagner, Gudrun Ulrich-Merzenic  +  "Ginkgo: The Tree That Time Forgot" by Peter Crane.
* New photo photospecial page:   Ginkgo tree, 1808, with chichi.
Kraków, Botanic Garden of Jagiellonian University.
* New topic: Washington Ginkgo mistakenly cut down.
* Follow me on Twitter:  updates website and blog + tweets related to the Ginkgo tree.
* Added video of name calligrapy on Name-page.
* Added to my Art-page: Fashion designers and Ginkgo.
* Added photos of old female Ginkgo with chichi,  Jagellonian University Botanical garden in Kraków, Poland.
* New topic: Ginkgo and memory: new long-term study.
* Added to my Art-page: photos of Ginkgo Gate, Botanic Garden Adelaide, Australia.
* New topic: Update of Ginkgo afforestation project in Argentina.
* New photo photospecial page:  Frosted Ginkgo leaf.
* Update of my Awards-page: Yale University.
* Added pdf to download my Tree-page.
* Added new page: Ginkgo biloba silvestre, montañas Dalou, China.
* Added new page: Wild Ginkgo trees Dalou Mountains, China.
* New photo photospecial page:  Ginkgo leaves.
* New topic: Jurassic mimicry between a hangingfly and a Ginkgo from China.
* Added on Tree-page: HD-video of one of the oldest Ginkgo trees outside Asia: Geetbets, Belgium, c. 1750.
* Added to the poem 'The Consent' by Howard Nemerov: French translation.
* Added to my Art-page: photos I made of Ginkgo Project Beekbergen (architecture).
* Added to my Art-page (picture gallery):  Ginkgo sculpture by Gerri Grijsen + Floriade 2012.
* New photos photospecial page:  Wild Ginkgo trees in Dalou Mountains, southwestern China: forest + seedling.
* New topic:Ginkgo and Alzheimer's disease.
* Added to my Art-page (stamps):  Ginkgo stamp Japan: Tokyo, Meiji Jingu Gaien Park.
* New photos photospecial page:  Ginkgo trees and gardens, Floriade 2012 - World Horticultural Expo.
* New topic: Evidence of wild Ginkgo biloba in Dalou Mountains, China.
* Added on my Literature-page:  book by Yiyun Li.
* New photo photospecial page:  Ginkgo leaves.
* Added on my Fossils-page:  video about the history of ginkgo.
*New topic:   A Modern Insect Pollinator from the Dinosaurs Time.
* New photo photospecial page:  7 Ginkgo trees in Bologna, Italy.

I don't mention minor updates here. Not all changes are updated on the German/French/Dutch summaries.

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Transplanting 750-year-old Yonggyeri Ginkgo in South Korea
Spectacular video on YouTube by Daeji Development Co., Ltd, Seoul of the transplanting of a 750-year-old Ginkgo tree, Kyungbuk Ahndonggun Yonggyeri, South Korea. This Ginkgo tree is 31 m in height, girth 14 m and is one of the biggest of South Korea, National monument no.175. The transplant is listed in the Guinness World Records register in 2013.

Cretaceous stick insect fossil mimics Ginkgo foliage
Cretophasmomima melanogramma and Membranifolia admirabilis

Stick insect on Membranifolia admirabilis
Cretophasmomima m. at the right.
Left: a less camouflaged early orthopteran, Parahagla sibirica,  is captured by the mammal Eomaia scansoria.
Early Cretaceous stick insect (Cretophasmomima melanogramma) adapted to live alongside early Cretaceous plants by protective mimicry. This fossil was found in Inner Mongolia, China, in the Yixian Formation, known as the Jehol biota, dated between 122-130 million years ago. It is the earliest known example of stick insect mimicry.
This insect mimics the leaves of  Membranifolia admirabilis, related to Ginkgo biloba which was common then, but is extinct today. The dark straight veins in the wings in this fossil, when the wings are folded over the back,  closely resembled M. admirabilis.
The insect evolved to look like these leaves, including their shade of green, and concealed itself from predators by blending in the foliage.

Images and free article from PLOS ONE: Under cover at pre-angiosperm times: a cloaked Phasmatodean insect from the early Cretaceous Jehol biota. Wang M, Béthoux O, Bradler S, Jacques FMB, Cui Y, et al. (March 19, 2014).
PLOS ONE 9(3): e91290. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0091290.

New Ginkgo cultivars and names list
The New Ornamentals Society just released a new Ginkgo checklist recognizing 197 different cultivars and over 230 total names. This is part of the subscription to 'Cultivars of woody plants' by Laurence C. Hatch.
A free sample of this document is available at: http://members.tripod.com/~Hatch_L/ginkgo.pdf

The Ginkgo Tweets 1500 followersThe Ginkgo Tweets: 1500+ followers on Twitter !
August 2014: 1500+ followers on Twitter. I started The Ginkgo Tweets on February 7, 2013, so -> 
1 unique tree -> 1.5 year my Ginkgo tweets -> 1500+ followers -> 
Thanks to all my followers !! 

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Washington Ginkgo mistakenly cut down
Washington D.C., Farragut Square, near White House:
A historic Ginkgo tree, the largest Ginkgo in Washington,  was mistakenly cut down. The male tree was 102 feet tall, with a crown spread of 79 feet and trunk circumference of 142 inches.
The National Park Service said the contractor was supposed to cut down a dead ash tree on the other side of the park. There was nothing wrong with the Ginkgo.
Historian Jonathan Pliska wrote the Ginkgo was probably planted in 1873 or earlier and been incorporated into the design of the square, which honors Adm. David Glasgow Farragut.
Read more in this column by John Kelly in the Washington Post. Update and video on my blog.

Music video:

Chinese song: the Ginkgo leaf is a symbol of love in people's life.

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